Get to Know R&B Newcomer Timothy Bloom

Timothy Bloom

Timothy Bloom opened viewers’ eyes to his music (and much more) in the revealing video for “‘Til the End of Time,” his duet with vocalist V. Bozeman. Now the singer/songwriter/producer, who was born in Texas and moved from city to city during his childhood (“I consider myself to be a gypsy”), formally introduces himself.

The son of pastors, Bloom has written songs for Chris Brown (“All Back”), Smokey Robinson (“My World,” “Fallen in Love”), and Ne-Yo (“Say It”), and plays the guitar, piano, drums, bass, and a number of other instruments. He counts Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix, and Marvin Gaye among his influences.

After his father turned down a deal with Universal Motown when he was 15 due to religious reasons, super-producers Timbaland and Polow Da Don came calling. Bloom is currently prepping his debut on Mosley Music Group/Zone 4/Interscope, and his EP The Budding Rose is now available on iTunes.

“It’s not urban, it’s not rock, it’s not pop. It’s just great music,” said his mentor Timbaland. “Timothy Bloom is the next biggest thing.”

Get familiar with this blooming talent in the introductory video below.

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  1. shay

    He wrote two of my favourite songs at the moment. “All Back” and “Say It”. I love this guy, and cant wait to hear more from him.


    idina Reply:

    @shay, i was LITERALLY gonna say the same thing…he is SOOOOOOO talented and “all back” is my favorite off of “fame” and “say it” is my favorite off of “because of you”

    i hope he blows up along with Miguel….


  2. TheDimplePuppet

    Oooo I love ‘Say It’ all the best to you bro!


  3. WonderLand19

    The fact that he wrote ‘All Back’ made me watch the vid. That song makes me cry.


  4. Drose

    All back is my favourite song on cb’s album, glad to see the talent getting spot light


  5. mofan95

    in that pic above he looks like a lil dark skin version of usher imo.


  6. Kyle

    I’ve been seeing his name around the net a lot lately, he seems extremely talented and you can tell music is his passion. I hope everything goes well for him!! I’ll definitely check out his debut album when it drops.


  7. kingzzz

    ohhhhhhhhh he wrote “all black” and “say it”???

    two rnb ballad bomb!!!

    love these two songs wich are unique and really original


  8. TLynn

    WOW…this brother here is deep and I see him going places in his career. Not just because he can sing, but he writes music too and that’s a plus. Love this song, it is music to my ears and water to my soul. And the sister on this too is bad she can blow and I wish her great success also. My God bless the 2 of them.


  9. Heminem

    Voice is nice like Usher’s.
    I love his style

    Cool hes workin with Timbo, as he said he has a really unique sound


  10. actright

    Timothy is like watching someone being reborn over & over again. When I hear a new song or read an interview with him, he is like rediscovery and I am loving his success. I saw him at the EL Ray in LA and going to see him in Hollywood later this month. For those who don’t know don’t miss this brotha’s train for it is truly OUT-OF-SIGHT!!!!!!!!


  11. Barb Rivera

    I was able to witness this amazing man doing what he loves best and he shined like a STAR along with Josh Paul (formerly of Daughtry) Matthew Holmes …this group is called Bobby Church Band… Love all these much talent!


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