Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent Perform on ‘Ellen’ [Video]

50 Cent can’t stay from Nicole Scherzinger. The hip-hop mogul followed the sexy Pussycat Doll to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where they performed their collaboration “Right There” off her forthcoming solo debut Killer Love (Aug. 16). After working the stage, Nicole and 50 were introduced to Tom Hanks and the awkward interaction made for great TV.

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  1. fgrfgr

    so amazing so hot, she is so talented…


    Tiffany Reply:

    @fgrfgr, nicole giving bey a run for her money, nicole snatch her wig, of course you aint never gonna touch gagas level


  2. Aryo

    omg, nicole killed it, wish she would deliver such a gr8 performance on idol too!


  3. Aryo

    US plz buy right there , she deserves to have a hit!
    cuz she is super talented


  4. bri_bre

    see now this is what we expected she gives us vocals hair,vocals, moves and where was this on idol lol ..anyways this is much better


  5. norE

    50 got them headphones. winning


  6. Poisonous

    She has redeemed herself. Well done Nicole.


  7. Aryo

    go guurrlll u killed it


  8. MaZ

    Much better than idol yes!


  9. joejpaige

    Great. I met her in person in L.A. last year at all places but a Macy Gray. She was super nice and took a pic even though she was trying to enjoy the show. I’ll get the album when its out.


  10. miki

    yeahh thats mu girl.. all US FANS get this song on iTunes!


  11. cp2008


    LOL when she gets her words wrong at 2.50 mark


  12. WonderLand19

    MUUUUUUCH BETTER then idol. Well Done Nicole. Hoply the usa will support your new music just like the UK DID! No.1 with ‘Don’t hold your breath’ and No.3 with ‘Posion’. UKSTANDUP!!! lol


  13. nananacomeon

    get it gurl


  14. Aryo

    hope right there hits top 10 in US


  15. Great

    Now we have a competition for Beyonce. Don’t get too comfortable Be cause Nicole can possibly murder you in live performance.


    Dante Reply:

    @Great, Let’s not talk out our ass now


  16. Chaystic

    So amazing! she’s truly an amazing performer everyone go buy the song on itunes!


  17. nananananananana-eh

    did anyone notice when 50 cent and tom hanks pretended to kiss tom hanks said “cmon jay-z!” LOL wow what a fail smh @3:59


    Treyy Reply:


    he CLEARLY said “Cmon BABY” not Jayz…so the fail in this case is none other than you…smh


    nananananananana-eh Reply:


    LOL ur right but dont it sound a little like he said jay-z too… listen closely


    norE Reply:

    @nananananananana-eh, he said baby corn. u mad cu 50 culd buy ur life dozens of times n he better nthan ur fav


  18. Heminem

    So funny when 50 went to kiss Tom

    Are those beats on?


  19. Drew

    Are you people serious? that was garbage to go along with a terrible song


  20. ed

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than American Idol. she killed dat. lol


  21. L body big

    I thought it was funny she said 50 hadn’t had a cd out in 8 years lmao which seems like it since that was his best album all the rest have been garbage get rich or die trying and since then 50 has fallen off bad.


  22. Jopacangrie

    Amazin nicole keep it #RightThere come on ppl buy this on itunes lts make it to #1 summer hiit!!! ( :


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    [...] finished my new album now,” he told Ellen DeGeneres during his appearance on her show with Nicole Scherzinger. “I’m actually one song away from being done. I’m mixing [...]

  24. jb

    Nicole is true arist keep up girl …Good Ellen..


  25. baby

    LOVE U 50


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