New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘Stuck on Mad’

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard dedicates her new song “Stuck on Mad” to all the broken “Hearts.” The Dirty Money diva takes a stand on behalf of all the ladies who’ve been hurt by love. “Never trusted anyone/ I thought you were that man/ But now I’m stuck on mad,” a scorned Dawn sings on the symphonic production, declaring, “We ain’t takin’ this shit no more.”

In an interview with Rap-Up TV, the New Orleans native revealed that she is working on a trilogy of solo albums, with the first release GoldenHeart due in late 2011/early 2012 and BlackHeart and RedemptionHeart to follow.

Dawn Richard – “Stuck on Mad”

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  1. Calismile

    I don’t like it.


    INCAS Reply:

    @Calismile, me either.. it’s not her best………. YO CASSIE WHERE YOU AT


    EYYYYYOOOO! Reply:

    @INCAS, lmfao what makes u think ASSIE can do better????


  2. maya

    those earrings are bad!songs is OKAY


  3. Rihannastann!

    Her outfit in this pic gives me everything I need in life!!lol


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Rihannastann!, That outfit is hot!

    I didn’t know she was from New Orleans! ^_^


  4. chad

    I love this song. I love how her sound is evolving from her first solo album to dk to her unreleased songs to dm to her mixtape. I cant wait for her album. I feel the music is not what we are use to hearing and icant wait to hear it.


  5. meme

    i dnt like this song and dawn better not come out with no dated s**t. I stan hard for dawn and she better not disappoint me.


  6. Classychick90

    Luv Dawn!!! Song is okay!!


  7. B

    I agree I don’t like it either it does sound dated! Like she took 3 steps down from dirty money. And it sounds like 10 other artists out that are Brandy inspired


  8. LuvAmaru279

    That song is awful!


  9. Kalub

    This song is not awful. This is a great track. This sounds like nothing else I have heard except from maybe Bey’s new album. I think the vocals need to be mixed better. It is hard for me to understand her.

    Other than that issue I think it would be a great song.


  10. Diamond Girl

    She stole Brandy’s style and ran with it! Idk what to say. The song isn’t that bad but it’s hard to listen to at the same time.


    BLAZE Reply:

    @Diamond Girl, Agree but can’t know one do it like B Rocka I can’t even finish listening to it sounds weird it needs to be mixed better


  11. mrmagoo

    This is really terrible. What was she thinking?


  12. Mo

    Let me tell yall NON-MOTHAF*#%@ FACTORS SOMETHIN! This song is PURE FIYAH! I have a good ear for music, and I’ve got this song on REPEAT. If you don’t like this song don’t listen to it, but don’t mess up good music for me. Dawn this song is HOT continue to do your thing.


  13. Will

    idk what yall talkin about this song is dope. Dawn killed this shit. Some people just dont have good ear for music i feel bad for yall go listen to that catchy commercial crap thats on the radio.


  14. arisea

    She sounds like keri hilson!!


  15. Ivan

    Dopeeee track,

    The genius that is Dawn Richard does it again. I do agree it is mixed a little off, but this is the beauty of it. She felt like recording, probably wrote this in a few hours, and recorded. It’s the raw shit she’s used to doing.

    I can’t wait for this GEM she’s about to drop. I’ll gladly be a “Heart”


  16. WhiteChocolate

    Always liked her voice the most out of DK. Hopefully her solo career does well but I’m not in love with this song.


  17. Fashionandsexx

    She does not sound like Keri, Keri sounds BAD… Dawn is way better. I am a huge Dawn fan, I love this song concept and lyrics. Everyone know she can sing her ass off, but this is not the best of her. Whoever produced this should have did a better job with mixing and the quality, I could barely understand her at the end. I’m going to support her no matter what though, good or bad. I just want better shit, leave the updated shit to jojo/jhene em’.. Give us that DirtyMoney/DK/Dawn vibe !!!


  18. This suck bad

    I like Dawn but this was terrible and she never should have release this just for her fans can hear a song of her, by herself.


  19. viv

    this song is genius. can’t wait to hear the rest of it :)


  20. nicole

    its okay.


  21. Haiku

    She sounds like Brandy in this…but not really in a good way.


  22. Lisa

    Love Dawn!


  23. Trent

    Hate it and this outfit is not givin much its too much Grey only The late girls would get life No Shade


  24. Royaleeeee

    lol. Dawn is the SHIT! i see you HATERS! Die Slow!


  25. Da Ma'

    okaii … im not feelin thi song , but imma take everybody word for bond and believe she can do better !!
    Given her a try .. what can i lose !!


  26. Ross

    The beat totally overpowers the vocals.


  27. Elgin

    I actually like the song. I don’t think its her best, but i like it


  28. AnkhAmun

    The song is not that bad. Some of y’all are impatient and intolerant of anything that doesn’t align with what you think is hot on first note. Be willing to listen…and learn something different. The octaves that Dawn is taking in this song may be a bit too high…maybe too sharp. That’s all…..


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