J. Cole Announces Album Title, Release Date

J. Cole

After keeping fans waiting, J. Cole has finally revealed the title and release date for his debut album.

Cole World: The Sideline Story will be released on September 27 via Roc Nation/Sony Music. The North Carolina rapper made the announcement on Twitter. Rap-Up.com has confirmed the title and release date with his label rep.

The title continues the basketball theme found on his popular mixtapes The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights.

The first single “Work Out,” which borrows from Kanye West’s “New Workout Plan” and Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up,” was released last week, while the album is set to feature production from No I.D., Danjahandz, and Brian Kidd, along with a collaboration with Jay-Z.

Cole hopes to drop another mixtape ahead of the project’s release and sees Grammys in the future. “I’m tryna win that Grammy, tryna pull some Lauryn Hill shit,” he previously said.

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  1. Lasha

    I can’t fucking wait!!!! I love Cole and I wish him much success


  2. Jay

    Finally I Waited for this forever I feel like I think it will be a classic and lol I doubt a actual rapper will ever do what lauryn did But good luck Cole


  3. You think it but I'll say it

    Only album I’m actually not gonna download…#ColeWorld


  4. tachuu

    I can’t wait wtf…….*DEAD* COLE WORLD <3


  5. tachuu



  6. Jay

    i cant fucking wait…to bad he wont be able to win a grammy because the album cutoff date for the grammys is september 1.


  7. JR

    Nice, no1 has mentioned it yet, so i will…what, drake and waynes is out near that :(….basically, just buy all of them…along with other releases…it looks like the 2ndhalf of the year is gonna b killer


  8. hate-red

    too far away


  9. BLAZE

    Yessssssss been waiting for this shit right here thats a few weeks before my b-day #vagashereIcome


  10. Bob

    Work Out has grown on me a lot he just needs to put it on itunes ASAP


  11. Yaser Lad

    I’m not excited, Cole has taken to long to deliver something. And That Ye sample wasn’t #OK


  12. stealth__bomber

    This is about to be soo dope #coleworld


  13. Jamaican

    Yeahh..Im So Proud Of Him Lol :)


  14. Aquierra

    J. Cole, this is YOUR year.


  15. shady

    I´m really interested in that track with Jay-z. I mean after A star is born hov really needs to go hard on that cole track. I think its gonna be a good album.


  16. Queen t

    I really love cole like he’s the best lyricist out right now ain’t nobody messing wit him I’ll take that mixtape he goin put out before the album cuz I’m a aCOLEholic


  17. NickiIsQueen

    Aint NOONE Fuckinn’ Witt J.Cole, He’s Climbin To Thaa Top Ritee Now And iCan’t Wait For His Album


  18. Kayla

    We finally get a release date!!! Thank goodness! I can’t wait!!! I love the 1st single!


  19. Shade

    Cole World


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  21. mel

    shit this album going to be the shit i cant wait for it to go plate lol dats my nigga cole world


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