New Music: Mario – ‘My Bed’


“I’m back to kill the club,” announces Mario on “My Bed,” reportedly the lead offering from his first album in two years. The ladies’ man convinces a girl to get in the sheets on the club-geared production by Chris “Deep” Henderson and Tony “Chef Tone” Scales, using pickup lines such as, “We gon’ have a good time” and “You so hot, you set this club on fire.” Any takers?


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  1. luvlife

    no Mario. Just no. He’s a great singer, but stop trying to be like Trey. Do better.


  2. ...

    I’m disappointed. I think he can outsing most of his peers, if not all of ‘em, and he comes out with what sounds like a T Pain album cut? Lyrically generic, annoying autotune. Overall, forgettable.


    Kate Reply:

    Completeley agree…his voice is so unique and it’s masked and unoriginal. With this kind of song, he’ll never stand out against anyone else.


  3. goldilocks

    I heart Mario always and forever but I say no to autotune….Always.


  4. Tater

    i have to grow to like it! but mario come harder yo; stick with the ballads *


  5. AAA

    I like it


  6. Rap*

    wack….sry ma


  7. marteezyfbaby

    This is good!


  8. L

    im feeling it! it will grow on yall


  9. joe franco



  10. meme

    fukin awful. this sounds so dated, old and crappy. wat a joke


  11. Akon's Da Man

    I like it, it’s pretty good. But still artists should say no Auto-tune exept for T-Pain he’s the only guy that suits it.


  12. mrmagoo

    This is terrible. Does he really think this song will garner him the attention his career needs? or that his album needs to sell? SMDH


  13. Triniti

    Ok, maybe this will grow on me, but for right now, it’s unacceptable. ‘Bermuda’ was great, but this is not cool for me at the moment. I know he says he wants to change his style up, but this is not the way to go, Mario.


  14. joe franco

    we want to hear you sing mario!!!! what is this!!! i just tried to listen again!!!! cant even listen through the song =(


  15. jazzy

    no mario…ugh i just want mario to go bk to singing songs that actually mean something…not this wack stuff


  16. mykolAnthony

    ok i guess this is whats sellin right now, w that whole trey songs shit, but u get a pass cuz we know u can sing..its just a song


  17. WhiteChocolate

    this doesn’t even sound like his voice at all. his tone is completely different. much lower.


  18. carl

    eww y does he have autotune when he can actually sing?


  19. Phoenix_Wright

    hmmmmmm eh, its ok not terrible just ok. Thats a sexy pic though, pretty boy swag


  20. Aquierra

    When is he gonna learn, that this garbage isn’t the musical direction he should be heading?? His last two contemporary R&B albums FLOPPED. It’s no different to ‘My Bed’..


  21. Haiku

    I think the song is great
    but when you realize it’s Mario then it becomes not so great.


  22. Otto_Rocket

    FUCK OUTTA HERE!! diz zhit gooooo hrd! i def fukz wit it, yall trippin diz zhit on #repeat


  23. Stuffy_

    great job and to all who say he is like Trey Fuckerz Shut You Fuck Up Mario is Million better than than *** Songz !!


  24. maya

    really terrible, try again!


  25. joe franco

    makes me want to take off all my mario songs off the iPod


  26. skyelilz

    Damn, I love Mario. He’s selling out on this one though he’s dumbing down. He should stay on his grown and sexy, not cater to these kids.



    damm so many haters up in here , 99 % of the ppl dont know what mario has in mind , im sure it was disscus in the studio b4 this song came out , sure it doesnt sound like a banger 2 u all but ist still good


  28. Waluigifan

    I don’t think this is a bad song, I find it pretty catchy and new… but I see that Mario can do it WAY better. Songs like “Lay In My Bed”, “How Do I Breathe” and also his songs from his first album (can listen to it without track skipping, all songs are good) are way better.

    His last album “DNA” flopped because almost all material leaked months before his album release on R&B sites. That’s because everyone already knew the songs and therefore there was no reason for them to buy the album. However, I – as a Mario fan – nevertheless bought his album because these songs were mastered and in better audio quality. Still, most of his leaks were better in my opinion than the songs on the album.

    I’m looking forward to his new album and I’m curious about the new style he wants to examine.

    [Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm not an English native speaker]


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