New Music: Tyrese f/ R. Kelly and Tyga – ‘I Gotta Chick’


Tyrese pays homage to the loyal women who stay down on “I Gotta Chick.” “I gotta chick that love me/ And she’ll do anything for me that’s why I f**ks with her,” he sings, with additional vocals from R&B royalty R. Kelly. Tyga dedicates his verse to a lady who caters to him, rapping, “Now we rolling like it’s Kelly/ Got a fine dark skin like it’s Keisha up in Belly.”

The Transformers star will release his new album Open Invitation on November 1. “My right hand to God it’s my BEST ALBUM.!!” he told fans.

Tyrese f/ R. Kelly & Tyga – “I Gotta Chick”

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  1. fizzle

    I’m lovin it but ugh R. Kelly on the chorus is just agitating me. First Monica & now Tyrese alright successful comeback in progress!


    MR. FRANKIE Reply:

    @fizzle, i think i know what it is , the chorus comes in in a different note, sounds akward but not bad


  2. Yep

    I DIG IT…


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  4. cedric

    aye aye!! I love this join right here st8 2 radio NOW..this is a classic.that hook is amazing!!!!!!!!!!


  5. ughreally

    Tyrese sounds like Johta Austin

    …interesting seeing how Johnta penned “Sweet Lady”..did he have something to do with this..


  6. Allen



  7. lolll


    Bitch, Stfu. You can hardly even hear R. Kelly so how the hell is he agitating? You’re trying way too hard.


  8. @lyricfatale

    Love it!! Welcome back Ty!!


  9. Lawrence

    Trey WHO?


    TEE Reply:

    yea man:im not hating/but im sick and tired of this dude trey songs on everybody joint:Kill these niggas tyrese.


  10. youdady

    good song yea


  11. Da Ma'

    Tyrese Gibson .. Got that voice that when you listen to it .. u just wanna F’n ..
    Tyga … dammm His just makin his way to the top .. Killin every song his Ft in …

    # Mr. Gibson deserve a Around of applause !!


  12. TEE



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