New Music: Lloyd f/ R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, & K’naan – ‘World Cry’


Lloyd spreads his peaceful message on “World Cry,” his universal collaboration with R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, and K’naan. The R&B playboy shows that he’s not only concerned with what goes on in the bedroom, taking a stance against hate, destruction, and political and social injustices.

“I hate to see the whole world cry,” a distraught Lloyd sings on one of the many star-studded cuts off his fourth album King of Hearts. Kellz, Keri, and K’naan use their voices as healing powers. Wake up everybody.

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  1. meds



  2. hiphop10202

    first mdma has this track then jah cure released it and now lloyd got it


  3. WonderLand19

    Nice. I hope it does really well.


  4. BLAZE

    Love it very moving song I must have this album


  5. trippen67

    why does Record Labels have to cut the decent songs!


  6. woww

    I love R. Kelly’s voice!


  7. winner

    Lover this song kelz killed it amnd lloyd was good too..but kaana wow he has a great heart in a small body


  8. honestjoe

    Wow, Rasta Jah Cure and Keri Hilson did it first. Then Polow Da Don hijacked Jah Cure’s version for Lloyd’s album. Lloyd’s vocals suck and Keri sounds like she is in a tunnel. Thank God R.Kelly saved the song. Go listen to the original version if you want to hear real quality singing and engineering


  9. Bryan

    It’s too bad Lloyd’s a thief!! He stole “World Cry” from Jah Cure. Jah Cure released this song MONTHS ago with Keri Hilson and it is supposed to be the title song of his new album! I wonder what he is going to do about this now?!?


  10. Da Ma'

    Nice Song .. Lovin that lloyd is takin a risk , makin these type of song !?

    # Cause Now of days ppl would call this Trash !?
    Keep ya head up Lloyd… K’naan loves his voice at the end , sounds amazin


  11. tyler

    keri hilson’s voice is just amazing i love how she sounds omg


  12. yesss

    God! R. Kelly is perfection!!! Beautiful voice.


  13. Leo

    R Kelly made this song perfect. Real talk.


  14. credits

    This record is too big for lloyd. Should have just left it to Keri and jah Cure, it’s one of those inspirational records, sounds like it could be on a soundtrack or be a theme song of some sort. It is one of those songs that have worldwide appeal, to me atleast and i think sticking it on lloyds album isn’t going to be much for the song…


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @credits, I agree so much, and on top of that I feel Lloyd didn’t really do much of a better job, but he was ok


  15. swaggerlien

    damn this is goood


  16. Toba

    Llyod and k’naan did a very gud job. Llyod was perfect


  17. Tunde

    Definetly sounds like a jah cure piece all the way. I know that he will pull yet another great piece, this guy is just blessed. Petty it went on the wrong album, this would of been a world wide classic had it gone to the rightful owner. What a shame.


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