Gucci Mane Released from Jail, Announces Plans to Celebrate

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane is free once again. The embattled hip-hop star was released from an Atlanta jail on Friday morning.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Southern rapper, born Radric Davis, left a Fulton County jail at 4:30 a.m. after serving two-and-a-half months behind bars.

The “Lemonade” hitmaker was arrested on January 28 and charged with misdemeanor battery after he allegedly pushed a woman from his moving vehicle. He was also arrested for violation of probation while visiting his probation officer.

“I’m back bitch gucci back bitch did u miss me or miss my raps bitch,” tweeted Gucci, who will celebrate his homecoming at Club Fathom in Chattanooga, Tenn., tonight.

His friends, including Monica, welcomed him back. “WELCOME HOME to my Big Brother Gucci. My prayers are with you. Today is a new day,” she wrote.

Following his numerous arrests, Gucci vows to stay out of trouble. “I give my word,” he told Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9 FM. “It’s getting too much for me. I can’t keep going to jail. I slipped up this time, but no more slip ups.”

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  1. Yeah

    he needs to retire like Waka -_-


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @Yeah, haha took the words right outta my mouth
    those 2 will be the death of hip hop



    Watch him go back in like a week.


  3. Lisa

    No, I did not miss you. Bitch.


    Cokey Combs Reply:

    @Lisa, Stop hating on Big Guc. He is one of the most talked about=, most talented rap stars of today. People just jealous!


    Baller Reply:

    @Cokey Combs, Are you serious? I mean, for real?


    Lisa Reply:

    @Cokey Combs, if you read the post, you’d get my comment.

    It was meant to be funny.


  4. Neli

    Damn I Forgot All About Him.


  5. maya

    Who gives a fuck…NEXT!


  6. LOL

    his show is tonite in my me, no one will be there but hoodrats and fake gangstas


  7. PrettyTia_Songz

    Smh Damn it seem like he goes to jail every couple of months is this a ritual for him?..


  8. davyd69

    he’s nobody and he’s did nothing big in hip-hop history but going to jail bitch ……..


  9. timmy

    gucci back burrrr


  10. kalya

    hope he stay outt jail now and get back to makin good music


  11. Trey

    Damn, go back.


  12. ktown

    gucci will murk all u bitches


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