New Music: Lil Wayne – ‘Sorry 4 the Wait’ (Adele Sample)

Lil Wayne

A Lil Wayne and Adele collaboration may seem far-fetched, but Weezy shows us that anything is possible on “Sorry 4 the Wait,” the title track off his new mixtape. Mr. Carter samples the British songbird’s smash “Rolling in the Deep,” while proving why he’s one of hip-hop’s best with witty rhymes such as, “Weezy go hard like Cialis,” “I stink ’cause I got a lot of shit on my mind,” and “I stand in front of the clock ’cause I’m ahead of the time.” Go Weezy go!

Lil Wayne – “Sorry 4 the Wait”

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  1. LilWayneHQ

    Wayne killed it.


  2. Lori

    Im in fucking love this is G AF !


  3. Fo

    @LilWayneHQ, he didn’t even make an effort to include her actual vocals. that would have made it amazing. the lyrics are on point though.


    Triniti Reply:

    @Fo, I agree! I was waiting for that. Still, it’s hot.


  4. Tachuu

    he killed it like always


  5. Real Issh

    This shyt is Magic , Stan Van Gundy . Yess .


  6. StarsRblind

    Lol @ I bought yo girl some knee pads. For some reason I thought I’d hear Adele singing, but maybe I read the article wrong.


  7. Kayla

    Yeah Wayne just killed it!


  8. Jen

    celtics hat! boooo!!!!!!


  9. @bloglilwaynebr

    Weezy is a great musician. No matter what kind of song you bring to him, he killed it.


  10. Drew

    Hes like the 4th rapper to sample Adele… Childish Gambino then Big Sean then Tyga now him


  11. PrecYse

    WEZZY IS THE BEST NUFF SAID…and Fuck you if you disagree!!!!!


  12. Hugh

    That song made me a much bigger fan


  13. nick

    It’s a good track, the standout on the tape.

    But it’s not a collaboration. That remains far-fetched.


  14. bobs

    One pun after the other, and 99% are cringeworthy. That’s what Lil Wayne calls rapping.

    He must be chicken pox
    cuz he makes me sick


  15. deborah

    He DID kIllEd it !!!!!!!!!!!1 i like hat he on, hw he looked and the setting of he video


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  17. james

    Makes me want to punch out the bus window. Just so everyone on the block can hear it


  18. tommy

    lil wayne killed it he the best


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