Kelis Brings Skeleton Out of Her Closet


Kelis rattled her fashionable bones at the Lovebox festival in London’s Victoria Park over the weekend. The dance diva wore a shimmery black skeleton outfit and showy headpiece on Day 3 of the music extravaganza, where she performed songs including “Trick Me” and “Brave.” She had to change outfits at the last moment due to the unexpected weather. “This weather is unreal, the lovebox vision I was planning on wearing may have to stay caged up in my suitcase. This is no bueno,” she wrote.

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  1. JJ

    love her!


  2. Kyere

    Kelis ROCKS it from LA to LDN-town to Japan! Absolutely adore this future icon.


  3. DeeJay

    Well the outfit is different, well I come to expect nothing more. Love it.


  4. Janelle

    Loooooooooooooooooooove!!! Style is crazy sexy. I love it. her voice is sooo unique!


  5. say what

    love her music,and her style game
    is on point. love how she just does her own thing. beautiful, talented and sexy.


  6. Kyle

    I believe Kelis is a true visionary. I like the fact that she is underrated because she hasn’t really sold out. She just does what she loves and I freakin love it. “Flesh Tone” is seriously the best dance album I have heard in years. I still play that album regularly along with all her others.


  7. Kyle

    Oh, and “Trick Me” is probably my all time favorite Kelis song. How that song didn’t become a hit stateside is beyond me.


  8. EyFresh

    Young Fresh & New… Kelis is boss!!!


  9. fizzle

    Kelis gra u betta werk!!!


  10. HOZA

    shes wearing ASHISH amazing designer from the UK


  11. nicole

    Mindless behavior rocks


  12. kani k

    boring .


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