Soulja Boy Makes It Rain at 21st Birthday

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy didn’t cop a $55 million private jet, but he still lived large at his 21st birthday celebration. The now legal rapper tore up Miami’s Club Play South Beach with some of his famous friends including Sean Kingston, Trina, Trae the Truth, Just Blaze, and Triple C’s, partying until the early morning. He made it rain as scantily-clad women worked the poles, and was presented with a multi-tiered cake in the shape of a crown.

“I feel so good. This is the best day of my life,” an elated Soulja told his family and friends. “I want to thank God for letting me be alive right now.”

Check out some footage of S.B. spreading the wealth on his big night.

Soulja Boy Soulja Boy

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  1. Professional Wig Snatcher

    WTF does he have ON?? lol


    uhuh Reply:

    @Professional Wig Snatcher, vintage comme des garcons


  2. Schopenhauer Louie

    I’ll turn 21,October 24th.I won’t be ballin’ cuz my mixtape aint out yet.Def Jam,Interscope,Capitol aint sent the check yet.But I swear next year I’ll do it big compare to me S Beezy be a midget


  3. Cameo

    what a worthless “artist” … if you can even call him that… He might not have gotten the jet, but can he even afford the party?


  4. Lar'Brina Humphrey

    Dis SouljaBoy GurLfriend & Thanks Everybody For Comen & Enjoying YaLL SeLves At His Party & Maken Him Happy & Maken His Day & Shown Him Lovee Yay!!!! Baby Yuh 21 Yes!!! Baby Im GLad Yuh Happy Cuz If Yuh Happy Im Happy GLad Dats Yuh Had A BLast & It Was D Best Day Of Yo Life.LoveYuh Soulja;)#SODMG#OCEANGANG# BASEDGOD Love YaLL#Swag FoLLow Mee On Twitter @LARBRINA_SODMG Im SouljaBoy’s ReaL GurLfriend No Jokes Make Sure To Shout Mee Out As His GurLfriend When YaLL Ever FoLLow Mee & Shout Mee Out#Swag


    teetee Reply:

    @Lar’Brina Humphrey, u sound ignorant as f%$k. U are not his girlfriend. U make-believer. Get a real hobby besides posin as someone’s lady. Desperate trick


  5. Ti

    How’s the blonde girl with the snapback ?


  6. Ant

    Happy Birthday Soulja!


  7. Prince

    Dumb Girl lol he goes out with Diamond Fool haha


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  9. fan of a fan

    shit… i will make it one day…
    all of this is making me money hungry o.O


  10. anastasia

    iluv yu souljaboy :) i would be happy if yu could come to my sweet sixteen in i only listen to yur music nuthin else really


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