Video: Common f/ Nas – ‘Ghetto Dreams’

Common and Nas

Hip-hop hooray. Common and Nas bring a hip-hop lovers’ dream to life with their No I.D.-produced collaboration “Ghetto Dreams,” the first single off Common’s album The Dreamer, The Believer, due November 22.

In the Matt Alonzo-directed video, the rap giants fall asleep on the couch and both envision their ‘hood Cinderella (played by video vixen Bria Myles), who knows how to rock a mean shoe and can still throw it down in the kitchen. Meet the woman of their dreams.

[Life + Times]

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  1. luvlife

    I love it!


  2. Mr C To Tha B

    Hip Hop, say no more


    Drew Reply:

    @Mr C To Tha B, yes!


  3. yes

    Common and Nas are just too damn fly in this visual. Ms. Bria Myles you work it girl! Hip hop is beautiful art…artists like Nas and Common keep it dope!


  4. boo boo

    Damn!!! 2 of the bests ever !!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Amir

    nas lied when he said hip hop died!



    @Amir, Nah Nas only said that they’re are shitty rappers who’s fucking up hip-hop like gucci mane, waka flocka etc



    The two best rappers not lil wayne


  7. nte

    yesssssssssssssssss i am soooooooo happy.i have been jammin to this song for the last few days not knowing there was comin a video. yessssss


  8. KimIsTheQueen

    That asssssssss! Ok let me regroup! I love Nas! He’s like my favorite rapper. I can’t wait until he releases another album because I’m buying it no questions asked. Is Common calling women bitches now?oh.


  9. dx_xl

    Ghetto Dreams v Otis….Ghetto Dreams all the way


  10. jt

    i fuk wit dissssss joint


  11. i

    that’s an hell of a big hood dream..RRR for them Real Rap Raw


  12. john

    song is OK, but the writer is a retard. First the song makes little sense….What is the dream?i was waiting for her to walk out of that shit whole house and some thug rapper pick her up in some 500k rolls, OR SOMETHING. IT just never went anywhere. She was not even that good looking. Body was OK, but looked like a fuckin monkey.

    Ok, the next thing is Common is telling a story. A very JV and Vague story, but hey he was trying. Then Nas(overrated, but not as overrated as shit head lil Wayne) chimes in and doesnt keep the story going and instead goes off about how great and cool he is. 2here did that come from? Whoever wrote him inwas stupid, because it screwed the story up. I guess the video was more vague than the lyrics. it funny to read post before mine and how people love this song and blah blah. common is a better rapper than actor, but both of these guys need to do something different


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