Producer Symbolyc One Recreates His ‘Watch the Throne’ Beat [Video]

Symbolyc One

Symbolyc One aka S1 was among the chosen ones who made the prestigious lineup on Watch the Throne. The producer behind Beyoncé’s “Best Thing I Never Had” and Kanye West’s “POWER” shares how his contribution “Excellence” (the latter half of “Murder to Excellence”) ended up on the historic album. He recalls meeting up with Jay-Z and Kanye West overseas and hearing Jay’s initial reaction to the “African tribal” beat.

“When Jay first heard the track, all I can remember is him looking at me like, ‘What the heck is this?’” he explains. “So 10, 15 minutes later, he’s at the mic knocking his verse out and Kanye immediately follows.”

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  1. uhuh



  2. Coco

    muthafucka those aint no AFRICAN TRIBAL sounds..thats folcloric music from ROMANIA.. aka traditional music.. look up on youtube ” fetele de la capalna” yall gon see where this f*cker sampled the song from.


    uhuh Reply:

    @Coco, who CARES


    Ricardo Reply:

    Agree with u who cares but the pro diver. Himself said its an African tribal sound so. Gonna believe him. @uhuh,


    dave Reply:

    @Coco, i checked it on youtube and couldn’t find it,so next time be more specific before talkin with confidence


    Silence the Lamb Reply:


    the sample actually came from the movie Color Purple where Celie Shaves Mr


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