New Music: The Weeknd f/ Drake – ‘The Zone’

Drake and The Weeknd

The Weekend pairs with fellow Toronto native Drake on “The Zone,” one of the haunting cuts off his new mixtape Thursday. The smooth operator melts the seductive track with his falsetto before Drizzy steps in to spit a verse. Pure bliss.

The Weeknd f/ Drake – “The Zone”

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  1. Why Ask

    Oddly enough, I liked it… Its a lil slow for me but its good…


  2. Shade

    This song was amazing. Really puts you in the zone. Very mellow sing and Drake matched the mood with very mellow rapping. Just heard Thursday and I already can’t wait for Echoes of Silence!…and of course Take Care! OVOXO


  3. Music

    Drake jacked “The Weekend” – Straight Up!!! Are You Guys Telling Me Of Lately Drake Isn’t Sounding Like This Dude?


    Shade Reply:

    @Music, Drake has already admitted The Weeknd has been inspiring him and influencing him and you can obviously tell The Weeknd is influenced by Drake too. He did not “jack” him.


    Megan Reply:

    @Shade, Drake jacked him and Big Sean.I sear y’all Young Money fans don’t no the differnce from Jacking and being inspired.


    JHP Reply:

    @Megan, Yeah that’s why The Wknd felt compelled to do a remix to one of Drizzy’s joints (trust issues).


    AAA Reply:

    @Music, stop hating,


    Ahmad Reply:

    @Music, its his own hometown friend its not jacking dumb ass its tryin a different style


  4. >

    it,s ok.


  5. NBeeZy LEggo

    this my shit. weeknd one of most talented guys around.

    gucci gucci bitch take note. lol thrt id hate on her


  6. AAA

    Song is tuff, it puts you in that Zone when your in love…or high


  7. teamheat

    Best track on Thursday.

    Let me get inside my zone… OVOXO

    Abel and Drake should do a collab album or mixtape.


  8. sgdhgsahjfgajsgf

    sexy, Drake marry me


  9. Lisa

    It’s very sensual and sultry.
    At one point it started to get a little dull, but then they kicked in the chorus just in time and captured my attention all over.
    There’s not much to say about this track, other than that it’s pretty solid.


  10. Kayla

    I love it! I just fell in love with The Weekend and I already loved Drake. Great song!


  11. CrazeeCrazee

    I love The Weekend – High for this is my shizz,
    damn drake he always gets with my favorites but your lucky i love it lol =)


  12. mixtape


    [...] || New Music: The Weeknd f/ Drake – ‘The Zone’[...]…

  13. Herman

    DRAKE WE DO NEED SOMETHIN FROM U ON THIS ..NOT NO CLOWN ASS LIL b WE NEED A HIT MAKER FUCK THESE LAME ASS NIGGAZ .DRAKE GET ON THIS TRACK N KILL IT!!!! REAL TALKanyway this my shit i fucks wit this heavy i been bumpin it since it first came out .plus i can rtlaee 2 it .


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