New Music: Mario f/ Fabolous – ‘The Walls’

The Walls

Mario takes it back to the bedroom on “The Walls” featuring Fabolous, the first single from his upcoming fifth album. The ladies’ man makes his lady act out of character on the seductive jam, written and produced by Rico Love.

“It’s an incredible R&B record. It’s classic, it’s definitely going to stand out from everything that’s going on,” Mario told Rap-Up TV. “It really pays homage to women who are comfortable with being sexy outside and they’re sexy with their men when they get home.”

Added Rico Love, “It’s just some classic R&B, just some fly music. Something to reemerge Mario in the scene. I’m very confident with the record. I believe it’s going to be a big record.”

Mario’s as-yet-untitled album, featuring production from The Monsters, Young Yonny, and The Underdogs, is 90 percent complete and he anticipates a November or January release.

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  1. luvlife

    It’s ok. I need Mario to come harder tho.


    Dizzle Reply:

    @luvlife, Agree!! he’s been out of this game for too long to be giving this to his fans! we need more uptempo based out music from him! #ImDone


  2. Bree

    He looks good on the single cover. The song is hot it’s real rnb. I’m glad he’s going back to that style!


  3. Richard

    Mario is back. Banger.


  4. lmao

    this is that stand out biggest record of the year he was talking about ???

    , shit sucks!


    RNB Reply:

    @lmao, i see you have trouble reading. no one said it was going to be the biggest record of the year.


    B Reply:

    @RNB, Ummm he was referring to another post in which Mario spoke about this song lol. Sorry, u got slick too fast (u have trouble reading, blah, blah, blah #womp)


  5. carl

    He must not know what a classic sounds like, he’s very talented but I guess he hyped himself up.


  6. joe franco

    i love this!!!! when does it go to iTunes?


  7. Frank

    should be called the receding hairline.


  8. Ice

    I have a feeling this will be a huge grower to me. I love Mario’s voice and usually slower tracks aren’t as instant on me. Besides, a Fabolous feature never hurts.


  9. youdontneedtoknow

    man .!!! they need to come harder!! like .. REALLY!


  10. Triniti

    7/10 for the song…I love Mario and fab, but this isn’t a classic. It’s worth the listen, and better than 85% of so-called R&B today, but “How Much You’re Worth To Me” is more of a classic than this.


    HelloThere Reply:

    @Triniti, I love that song “How Much You’re Worth To Me”, it’s a good song! Should release that instead.


  11. Ricardo

    Haters. Its a Banger I luv it


  12. malikMJdope

    I mess with it I think its hot Mario stepped it up and came back nice and smooth #teamgrownman


  13. Will

    This is definately not first single material i can see this as being an album filler ive listened to this 4 times now and it just isnt catching on. He needs a more uptempo song or mid tempo something of the likes of Let Me Love You or Break Up.


  14. Hugh

    This is great

    Hope he he works with Scott Storch again


    4real Reply:

    @Hugh, it’s 2011, no one works with scott storch…


  15. kiki

    FINALLY MARIO! Have been commenting on mario video on my yt saying where he at plus the underdogs?!?! Can’t wait for there tracks , I love them.


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