Video: JON MCXRO – ‘Lego’


Grammy-nominated production trio Stereotypes (Justin Bieber, Usher) make a flashy first impression with the video for “Lego,” the first release from their newly formed group JON MCXRO, an acronym derived from the members’ names (Jon Street, RayRo, and Jerm Beats) along with their artist “Three” McDaniel. Far East Movement, Sterling Simms, and D.A. of Chester French make cameos in the eye-popping visuals.

“We took a newly popular term for ‘Let’s Go’ and ran with it, and had fun. It’s an invitation to our world,” said Jon Street of the futuristic lead single.

The L.A.-based group’s 9-track album The Fifth of Never, available for free on November 8, includes collaborations with Miguel, Simms, and Chester French.

Step into their colorful world.

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  1. realforsure

    Remind me Neptune, pretty dope !


  2. Jordan Gabriel

    that’s a waste of a good beat…



    nice beat


  4. Your Father

    …this is why I hate music these days.
    3 comments and nobody mentioned that this beat is basically a rehash of You’re A Jerk.
    Is this how far we’ve come as listeners?…I’m 24 by the way.


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @Your Father, CO_SIGN!


    mark wheeler Reply:

    @Your Father, this is actually pretty dope…you talkin about “this is a rehash of You’re a Jerk” well YOU ARE A JERK! sit yo wack ass down…this is cool…u don’t know shit about music! this ACTUALLY sounds like some Neptunes shit


    mel lee Reply:

    @Your Father, what does your age have to do with anything? this beat is dope, stop hating!


  5. L.Boogie

    Lego! Song knocks


  6. jeff kleezey

    yoooo…this song is super sick!!! and that video is clean! love the colors and fx!!! good mix of classic hip hop and electric!


  7. Rachel M

    I love love love it!!!!


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