Mariah Carey to Show Off Babies in Barbara Walters Interview

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey has done a good job of keeping her babies out of the public eye, but she’s about to give the world a glimpse. The pop diva and husband Nick Cannon will debut their bundles of joy for the first time.

Barbara Walters has scored the first sit down with the couple since they welcomed their twins Monroe and Moroccan in late April. The babies, who are now six months old, will make their television debut on Friday, October 21, at 10 p.m. on ABC’s “20/20.”

During the interview, which was taped at Mariah and Nick’s New York apartment, they discuss marriage and becoming parents for the first time.

Up until now, the only picture of the twins has been a photo of Monroe’s hand, tweeted by Mariah herself. “This is baby Monroe saying ‘no pictures dahhhhling’ at 7+1/2 weeks,” wrote the singer. “Oh dear.”

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  1. Oonthada

    YESS! I can’t wait to see Roc and Roe! #LAMB4LIFE I love you MIMI!!!!!


  2. toya

    I get nervous when folk hide their kids…I guess this makes me feel they are ok…. I know it seemed she had a drinking problem….Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is real.


  3. Orlando


    I wanna jump up 4 joy. cuz my mouth is gonna be watering lmao


  4. not hating but...

    they been hidding them babies because everbody know you gotta wait at least 3 months before they stop looking like aliens, but mariah is pretty cute and nick is hansome so it could come out either way


  5. Jasmine

    Im so excited I bet there gorgeous.


  6. Triniti

    lmfao yes that’s the bane of the world’s existence–that we haven’t seen their offspring!


  7. LilRoyalty

    Owwwwwwwwwwwww Pooooooooow mama diva and dem babies..LOVE IT…IM TUNING THE FUCK IN.


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    @toya BITCH when has it ever been confirmed she had a drinking problem? shut yo hating ass at where yo kids at hoe


  10. ElmersGlue

    I’m sorry ‘riah but its all about Beyonce’s baby now. Lol


  11. lizette perkins

    I am very hAppy to see “dem babies”. Mariah and nick wanted to wait till the right time but I am sure they are so cute and don’t knoW if mariah and nock will read this comment but congratulations on becoming new parents and I wish you all love and all the best. I am the biggest fan


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