T.I. Celebrates Book Release with J. Cole, Swizz Beatz

J. Cole, T.I., and Swizz Beatz

T.I. is currently on a whirlwind media tour to promote his first novel Power & Beauty: A Love Story of Life on the Streets. But the rapper-turned-author got some time to enjoy the fruits of his labor at a release party today in Manhattan. Guests including J. Cole, Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss, BMX rider Nigel Sylvester, L.A. Laker Derek Fisher, and Tip’s wife Tiny dined at upscale eatery Philippe and received signed copies of the book along with a gift bag courtesy of AKOO Clothing. See which stars held court with the King.

Swizz Beatz and T.I.



J. Cole, T.I., and Swizz Beatz

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  1. ughreally

    T.I. and J.Cole need to do a song together

    something country :)


  2. sayruh

    How is Tiny going to show up to her man’s book launch wearing sweats and ugg boots? :(


  3. fabbo

    itz tha king bitch


  4. kendal

    wtf? why is Tiny wearing a tracksuit and uggs to T.I’s book launch? class it up!!!!!


  5. kendal

    wtf? why is Tiny wearing a tracksuit and uggs to T.I’s book launch? Class it up!!!! u could of a least put on some louboutins or something and changed out of that cheap looking tracksuit


  6. Marie

    Now y’all know Tiny ass is hood muthaphuckin rich! Leave that hoe alone.


  7. IDAF

    T.I. is even wearing sweats,and nobody was dressed up! This was only a dinner anyway. Tiny dont give a fuck about trying to impress you STRANGERS who dont pay her bills. If T.I. dont have a problem with it..STFU and get a life!


  8. IDAF

    and nobody gives a damn about louboutins. Shit is played like LV bags. Fuck all that shallow,materialistic BS.


  9. lol

    cheap looking tracksuit? with all the money she got she could buy your life, and your mama’s and all the rest of your kind. stop it mama


  10. AAA

    3 fine ass lightskin men


  11. 23r

    TIP look like he 4’3″ in that pic, and hes a rapper. He could do better than tiny


  12. Frank

    bunch of internet bloggers passing judgement on how tiny is dressed to her man’s casual function. im sure they both care.


  13. Hugh

    Tiny just re-died her hair to look like Rihanna’s AGAIN!


    lmao Reply:

    @Hugh, girl please Tiny has rocked all these hair colors waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy before rihanna. nobody is copying that 5 headed bitch


  14. smouas

    what happened to T.I lips?? Why are they so anormaly huge??



  15. alemngu alain

    T.i its good to b back. im waiting for ya release


  16. jon

    What Air Jordan is TI wearing? anybody know


  17. JHP

    T.I./J.Cole collabo needs to happen NOW


  18. günstige PKV

    günstige PKV…

    [...]Rap-Up.com || T.I. Celebrates Book Release with J. Cole, Swizz Beatz[...]…

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