Jay-Z and Kanye West Kick Off ‘Watch the Throne’ Tour in Atlanta

Jay-Z and Kanye West

It was a crowning moment for Jay-Z and Kanye West as they kicked off the Watch the Throne tour to a packed house at Philips Arena in Atlanta on Friday night (Oct. 28). The hip-hop kings, collectively known as The Throne, opened the most anticipated hip-hop tour of the year with a bang, emerging on two cube-shaped mini stages to the operatic sounds of “H•A•M.”

During the two-and-a-half hour extravaganza, each rapper took turns performing solo material and came together for their collective efforts off Watch the Throne as images of Rottweilers, tigers, and sharks filled the screens and lasers beamed across the arena.

After their joint opener, Kanye exited the stage letting Jay-Z shine on his own with “Where I’m From.” He encouraged the audience to sing along to “Empire State of Mind” and told them to throw their diamonds up as he ran through his catalog of classics including “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” “Big Pimpin’,” and “Hard Knock Life.”

As always, Yeezy’s swagger was on a hundred thousand. The trendsetter sported a T-shirt with the beastly image of himself from the Riccardo Tisci-designed album artwork and pulled off a leather kilt while dropping hit after hit off his five albums. He appeared to be on the verge of tears during “Runaway,” pouring his emotions into the song.

“Atlanta, you are now looking at black excellence at its finest. Make some … noise!” Jay said at one point while putting his arm around Kanye.

The historic evening concluded with a powerful performance of “Made in America” as Hov asked the audience to hold up their phones and lighters in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Jay and ‘Ye followed with “Why I Love You,” affirming their status as two of the greatest who ever did it.

[Photos via Twitter and Virgil Abloh]

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  1. OnikaCarter



  2. Anthony

    I wish I could go… I hope everyone who went enjoyed that shit epic


  3. Yeezy & HOV

    Please come in Europe,i want a WTT tour in France :(


  4. Malyeh

    Do you know the complete setlist ?
    PS: I want the WTT Tour in France !!!


  5. Mike

    I want them to come in France !
    They both already came separately, why can’t they come together as THE THRONE ?


  6. GolfWang

    Bring the throne to the UK!!!!


  7. cece

    awww i was there and i love that jay got teary eye while sitting on the step performing new day and looking bey in the eyes the whole time. he even wore an “4″ on his tank. (repping wifey so cute) he was super cute last night and i had an blast come back guys


  8. kris_smith87

    I would like to know the complete setlist too if possible.


  9. Sasha

    Please !!!!!! Come in FRANCE !!! Rap up give them the message !! Come in FRANCE !


  10. jackswagger



  11. Jorge



  12. voss

    i’m french too and i really want come’s in frAnce for W.T.T.


  13. WatchTheThrone




    One of the greatest concerts I have ever seen!





    Shaniqua :) Reply:

    @LADY GAGA SPEAKS, Shut up bitch . You always hating off someone . Do you know what the world “Illuminati” means ?


  16. Hugh

    Damn that looks amazing

    Hope they do a reunion in a year or 2 when im in America


  17. Yezzy

    i’m goin to the chicago one


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