JoJo Lends a Hand at Children’s Hospital


During her trip back home, JoJo took some time out to visit with young patients at Children’s Hospital Boston. The 20-year-old singer, who is currently performing free shows on her Hard Rock Cafe tour, put a smile on the kids’ faces as she decorated Halloween cookies and posed for photos with them. JoJo’s video for “Disaster,” the first single from her upcoming album Jumping Trains, will premiere next week.

JoJo JoJo JoJo

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  1. Jennifer Kira

    hey JoJo, ur sooo sweet!! im a huge fan & ill always be 1! please fallow me on twitter @JenniferKira101 !?! thanks <33333333 #love


  2. Karlaejojo

    She’s so Fricking Cute +_+


    P Reply:

    @Karlaejojo, really? :|


  3. @hugo_pg

    She is soo amazing :D i love her more and more


  4. Get

    Jojo:”Lets take a picture!” Boy:” Da fucc is you”


  5. johnjohn

    @P, I think she looks really creepy. She should change a haircolor a little…lighter would be better and less Adam’s Family…


  6. Lisa

    This is heartwarming.


  7. LiLi


  8. angelys

    jojo i want to be just like u imma singer to but ,i want to be more like u


  9. angelys

    and its great u supported the childrens at the children’s hospital at the holidays thats sweet jojo


  10. Peyton

    I Love U So Much JOJO


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