Lil Wayne Shoots ‘Mirror’ Video with Bruno Mars

Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars

Lil Wayne is taking a look in the “Mirror.” The Young Money captain recently shot a video for his collaboration with Bruno Mars off the deluxe edition of his platinum-selling album Tha Carter IV.

Training Day director Antoine Fuqua helmed the clip for the reflective song, produced by REO of The Soundkillers. The latest single off C4 debuted at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 following the album’s August release and is off to a great start at radio.

Bruno will premiere the delayed video for “It Will Rain,” the lead offering from the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, this month.

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  1. Jamaican

    Yes!!! Fave song off the Carter IV (:


  2. Luvlibrunomars

    FINALLY i cant wit for It Will Rain to come out!!! AHHH IM SO EXCITED!!! HOOLIGANS FOREVER ;) luv ya bruno VOTE FOR HIM ON THE EMA’s!!!


  3. Joyams

    Yeah that’s my favorite too!!


  4. sega noni

    Its sure gonna b gud


  5. SerGio MaToZ

    One of the greatest songs on C4…
    I cant wait to see the video


  6. Daniel

    Many people complain about Bruno Mars’s voice on solo/collaboration records, myself included, but “Mirror,” without a doubt, shows Bruno at his greatest. Since day 1, I said, “This sounds like and DESERVES to be on the radio, unlike 10-20 other songs.”


  7. kelly

    I can’t wait to see the It will rain video to come out. I LOVE THAT SONG SOOOO MUCH!!I really hope it is an amazing video!


  8. maxx

    yeah d realest song on C4


  9. aishThaks

    Dopest :))) Weezy FF


  10. Nvr

    so no “she will” video then?


  11. DrakeTakeCare

    I also like this song very much but i have to say…many many people first said this album is bad as hell and so on…and now everybody is waiting for the video…y’all are crazy!!!!


  12. Will

    Damn i was waiting for there to be a She Will video what happened to that? I guess Cash money is tight on video budgets cause of Drake, Tyga and all the other artists lmao.


  13. alex

    Cant wait for the video and this is one of my favs off the album :)


  14. mikkey

    definitely one of my favorites of C4


  15. Ruston

    why the hell is he not making the she will video?


  16. Hugh

    SHE WILL video!


  17. CindyMlv.



  18. Marie

    Cant wait to see the video and already know it’s gonna be an amazing song if lil wayne is in it!


  19. thetruthishere

    only fans this gremlin has r little kids brainwashed teens and immature adults IF he has adult fans at all lil wayne = MOST OVVERATED RAPPER OF ALL TIME


    Yeezy & HOV Reply:

    @thetruthishere, wayne is not the best rapper All Time


  20. Amadu jabbie

    i just can wait to watch that clip cuz it drive me crazy.


  21. damojo

    pleeeeeze SHE WILL VIDEO…


  22. Whatcha_Sayin

    Its been said but i NEED a video for She Will. Epic song although Drake shouldve had a verse near the end before the final chorus


  23. Chacha Elsa Tesalonika

    Hope Mirror WONT LOOK LIKE It Will Rain -.-


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