New Music: T.I. f/ Domani – ‘I’m Flexin’ (Remix)’

T.I. and sons Messiah and Domani

T.I.’s son is following in his father’s famous footsteps. Ten-year-old Domani aka D-Money, who made his debut onstage at the “Scream” tour, raps about video games, money, and designer labels on his dad’s single.

“I’m a 10-year-old with a bankroll/ Gotta keep it open ’cause they can’t fold it,” boasts the youngest Grand Hustler.

Does Domani have a bright hip-hop career ahead of him? You be the judge.

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  1. Yeah



  2. Leopoldo



  3. Thats real



  4. GabriellaRiell

    Yay yeahp! Can you say fun? That was that! “We are family” rap on.


  5. Shawn

    This sounds pretty good.


  6. Ice

    That was dope!


  7. DRB

    There is no reason why these kids should be adding to childhood weight issues.


  8. christ

    t.i. junior u got nice career to handle


  9. Yogi

    Sounds like Kreayshawn lol


  10. Ruston

    Like father, like son
    both can spit fire


  11. derek

    swagged out 100…


  12. C94B

    Go to school, son. You’ll see later about rap. You ain’t got no story to tell… for now. Peace


    C94B Reply:


    Alright, I just saw that the 10-year-old kid got a Twitter account where he calls himself “Da Money Man”. And he calls himself D-Money.

    I hope (and I think) that Tip’s a good father and he makes sure his son graduates. That’s funny and somewhat ironic to even envision a young kid from a very wealthy family to try his luck in an art born from struggle and ghettos’ lifestyle. But I guess Hip-Hop’s whole ideology changes every now & then.


  13. don't hate yoz

    he need to finish school frist then have a career bout rapping until he AT 18 yr old


  14. mas

    u guys dnt have 2 wory abt his education cos father T.I. Said it in his track ‘d way u want it’ dat ur ambition and education is first and talent d second.’ case closed. Nice 1 domani



    your sons are so cute i did not know u had kids srry


  16. Kings corp

    Al of u re fools. School is not evritin mumus. Hw many musicians went 2 school? But c were dey are 2day. Hw many ple who went 2 school dat re famous lyk dem even proffesors. U guys shuld watch ur mouths. Dnt go nd luk 4 ur destiny be dere waisting ur tyms. Fools. keep it up my boy(domani) am proud of u. 1 luv


  17. Muty

    Haterz cnt do anythin 2stop D-money from rappin…u jus lyk ur father the king…one lov


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