Kid Sister Cooks Up Collaboration with Chris Brown, Chris Brown, and Kid Sister

Kid Sister has a sweet treat in store for her fans. The Chicago femcee recently linked up with Chris Brown and in the studio to cook up some new material. Crumbs cupcakes served as the late-night snack during their recording sessions.

“me+ @chrisbrown songs fueled by pure sugar,” tweeted Kid Sis, whose new EP is expected to drop later this month. “Got a lil pwesent for yall in two wks!!!!!!!!!” she teased.

Chris Brown

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  1. AAA

    I thought his hair was black again, but the cupcakes look cool


  2. frenchconnection

    the seconde pic look like the Paradise..


  3. shakeLIFE

    Jay-Z came under heavy criticism for what his critics perceived as a greedy attempt to capitalise on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    Now the 99 Problems rapper is doing an about face and dropping his protest themed line of T-shirts.

    The musician and his Rocawear company have removed their ‘Occupy All Streets’ shirts from, just one day after the shirts went on sale.

    The statement ignited a fire storm of criticism, and the shirts were quickly removed from the Rocawear website.

    Before they were pulled , TMZ spoke with one of the leaders of the Occupy movement named ‘Grim’ who said: ‘Jay-Z, as talented as he is, has the political sensibility of a hood rat and is a scrotum.

    ‘To attempt to profit off of the first important social moment of 50 years with an overpriced piece of cotton is an insult to the fight for economic civil rights known as #occupywallstreet.’


    bknyhustle Reply:


    wow at hov…

    even if he didn’t come up with that idea i know he signed off on it & to body it the day after is like copping deuces on the radio after super ugly.

    the movement ethered him.


    mnm Reply:

    @shakeLIFE, umm what does that have to do with this post? irrelevant.


    Boy Wonder Reply:

    @mnm, I respect that your trying to bring that story to light and all, but couldn’t you have at the very LEAST post that on an artist who’s at least related to Jay-Z by being A.) Married To Him B.) Signed to his label C.) His protegé or –here’s where it gets really crazy– D.) ACTUALLY ABOUT JAY-Z ????

    This is a chick who gets little to kno promo as is and you had to go and steal her shine by posting about an artist’s situation OUTSIDE OF MUSIC on her post??? C’mon son. It’s already hard to get promoted as a underground/new artist let alone a female one and here you come with this.

    Now that being said: I hope it’s a banger. Haven’t really heard anything that popped since Pro Nails from her. Looking out for the EP!


    Blunt Guy Reply:


    Jay-Z is really no different from the corporate execs that #OWS is fighting against. He’s leveraging his power off the movement for his own financial interests. Its f***** up. And this is exactly what is happening on a larger scale in our current economic system – the wealthy are just taking and not giving anything back. Kim K is another example. Its not just corporate execs…its people in power.


  4. No ma'am

    Looks good enough to eat! Those cupcakes to…


  5. Breezy

    chris has a perfect face


  6. Wow

    Hey #TeamBreezy go and pull that tampon out of Fist Breezy. He had another meltdown on twitter and in true PUNK BISH fashion, he deleted those tweets.


    #Teambreezykiki Reply:

    @Wow, u Been a Fan thats y u on here on a chris brown related post and u must follow him ionorder for u to knw what his doing….. lol sit


  7. nyamal gatluak

    everything about Chris brown his perfect


  8. heather

    How about you get a life and worry about YOU!! If you dislike Chris so much why do you care what he says or does on twitter??? Like really?? You must wake up and dream about that man too huh??

    Anyways I think this may be an interesting collaboration. I did like that one song she came out with a while back about nails. Good Luck Kid Sister!


    Wow Reply:

    @heather, how’s about you take your own advice and worry about yourself. Was I talking to or about you? Don’t think I was therefore STFU. Thanks in advance.


  9. Leonie

    Yay, KID SIS is on her way back!


  10. Kyle

    LOOOVVVVEEE Kid Sister. I was just listening to “Ultraviolet” the other day…great album!!!


  11. elle

    I always thought Kid was black, lol. WOW! Her rap sucks though, she needs to step it up. Isn’t she over 30? Maybe it’s time to give up.


  12. Keep It Cute

    Am I the only one that noticed that chris brown has a new tat on the back of his neck in this pic


  13. From Tokyo

    I’ve liked Kid Sister’s music. Be interesting to see what she does next.


  14. Stre3t Danc@

    2011 #BreezyTakeOver


  15. ri

    i think it should be a nice callabrative effort


  16. uh

    she looks gross. I remember the first time I heard her was when she came out with Pro-Nails with Kanye on TRL, that was also the last time I saw her on TV…


  17. jazmine emani faulk

    chris brown i love you and know mater people say i would always stay a fan of you and promise me some thing you would never bulle eneone


  18. jazzy jas

    mmmm, those cupcakes look gorgeouse…almost better than chris lol


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