New Music: Mariah Carey & John Legend – ‘When Christmas Comes’

Mariah Carey and John Legend

Mariah Carey kicks off the holiday season on her joyful new collaboration with John Legend, “When Christmas Comes.” The pop diva duets with the R&B crooner on the soulful James Poyser production, which originally appeared on her 2010 holiday album Merry Christmas II You. A video was shot over the weekend in Los Angeles.

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  1. MyCooL

    OMG YES!!!! The Queen of Christmas and my favorite male singer are doing what they do best!!! AHHHHHHHHHH I love their voices together!! <3 YES!!!! Thank u!


    WRTW? Reply:

    @MyCooL, The Queen of Christmas, overkill much?


    Mariah Queen Reply:

    @WRTW?, She is the Queen of Christmas, where were you?


  2. Destined

    Loves it!


  3. uhuh

    Yo, my nigga John must be gettin some serious ass with his piano talent. not from mariah but you know.


  4. KMart

    2 more days to find out what her “christmas present” will be!!

    *also download Ludacris’ new mixtape!!



  5. Bobby

    Well like the saying goes there is no Merry Christmas without MC! Mariah is such an amazing songwriter I don’t think most people know she wrote When Christmas Comes, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Oh Santa, One Child, Where Are You Christmas, Miss You Most At Christmas Time and Jesus Born On This Day.


  6. Nano

    This is an amazing song, i´m now starting to feel the christmas spirit.


  7. malikMJdope

    that did not need John Legend he sounds muted the originals fine


  8. mamario

    Mariah Scarey is the most cheesiest person on the planet and people only except her on the most cheesiest time of the year: Christmas!

    That’s fine for me. I hope she is like Santa in the future and we will see her ugly face only for a few Christmas days and she will be vanished the 11 remaining months of the year…


    Adam Reply:

    @mamario, Lol, I smell jealousy! You obviously need to go get some help for that problem of yours.


  9. Kilyan

    Better than the original !


  10. Jada

    John sounds so good. Love his vocals. But they don’t blend well together because he was obviously just added in. I wish Mariah would redo just some of her vocals for her remixes again like back in the day. What happened? She should’ve matched her vocals a bit more with John’s especially with all that belting in this song! Also goes for the Bieber duet. Now that was a mess!!


    KMart Reply:

    @Jada, yes I agree, I was almost expecting her to add vocals to this but hey I suppose she has been busy and is also working on her 2012 album.


  11. lea

    Great vocals but it should’ve been rerecorded!!


  12. NikkiIsChillin

    This sounds amazing. So festive. Loves it!


  13. LilRoyalty



  14. Sally

    I agree, Mariah is belting too much and too high for it not to be re-recorded. She also didn’t lower the key for Justin with AIWFCIY and Bieber clearly couldn’t keep up with her AT ALL therefore ruining the duet. Lately Mariah has been a bit lazy when it comes to her remixes. It’s a waste working with such talented people like John Legend on these cut and paste type of duets (the only time that it worked was for Whever you call). I really hope John and Mariah will work on an original song together someday. Let me be clear, the duet version is NOT bad but I’m a bit dissappointed with this after how AMAZING they were on their duet ‘With you I’m born again’.


    Ross Reply:

    @Sally, I dont know what people really expect. Even if she “tones” down her voice she will always out shine the voices of other. Justin B. didnt stand a chance and thats all on him.

    Love her or hate her, there is no denying her voice.


  15. Rib

    I like it and I think she did re do her vocals the beginning and end are different.


  16. MrTruth

    What a beautiful song it puts me in such a good mood! Johnn Legend is amazing I love his soulful voice. Mariah’s vocals are on fire !!! Pregnancy definately made her voice stronger, love her! WONDERFUL DUET !!! I just can’t stop listening to it…


    jarvis Reply:

    @MrTruth, I agree the pregnancy did make her voice that the pregnancy she gave her voice a we can hear the old mariah on her new (not christmas) album.i think she needed to stop singing for a while just to rest she ain’t whispering in this song…this song would’ve sounded better her just singing it through without john legend hlp..he should’ve just played the piano


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  18. DieGO

    Love this amazing MC


  19. sbrom

    it wouldn’t be christmas without Mariah! I wish Monica would do a christmas song/album too, my other favorite! Been loving her singles lately, especially “Until It’s Gone”


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  21. Celina

    Sounds dope! MC looks so good too, love her.. Check out my girl Jessica Ashley doing it big.. jessicaashleyk on youtube.


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