New Music: B.o.B f/ André 3000 – ‘Play the Guitar’ [Snippet]

Play the Guitar

After playing in the clouds with Lil Wayne, B.o.B comes back to Earth with his new single “Play the Guitar.” The rock-tinged production features a coveted verse from André 3000. Preview a 30-second snippet before the full version hits iTunes on December 27.

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  1. STFU Hoe

    Already a Hit with Andre 3000 in it. Wish the chorus was better tho


  2. kellie

    bobby ray!


  3. thatswhyumad

    can’t wait for the full


  4. Ice

    I like it.


  5. Ummmmmm

    What the hell happened to his music? This sucks.


  6. Fresh Tone

    very outkast ish


  7. Humz

    I knew from reading the title that that sample was gonna be used lol…
    Song seems ok so far… hopefully they didnt snippet the best part of the song lol


  8. ced

    bob is coming hard


  9. Hugh

    With all his features recent;y an Andre 3000 album seems likely in 2012


  10. New Music: B.o.B f/ André 3000 – ‘Play the Guitar’ [Snippet]

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  11. lyric commander lee

    damn bob is cute as hell!


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