Bruno Mars Talks Success, Arrest, & Grammys with Piers Morgan

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars tackled the tough questions when he was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.” During a sitdown at Avalon in Hollywood, the Hawaiian heartthrob recalled being dropped by Motown and his 2010 arrest for cocaine possession.

“I don’t live my life with regrets and I don’t dwell on anything,” said the fedora-clad singer, who relived his younger days as an Elvis impersonator.

Bruno, who is nominated six times at next month’s Grammys, also shared his appreciation for Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Kanye West (“I’ve got every Kanye West album”) and revealed his single status (“I am on the market”). But he couldn’t help but squirm when his fellow Smeezingtons production partners Phil Lawrence and Ari Levine bestowed praise on him.

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. jasz

    I just adore everything about him.


  2. ashgino

    it’s always the performers who were amazing as children that carry that “it” factor / x-factor….look at history, Beyonce/Michael Jackson/ ray charles/ stevie wonder/ prince….blah blah blah,………but i think it is so lamn that these musicians always dabble in drugs knowing the consequences then take the high road when asked about it, it’s almost like they do it on purpose just to show sum eccentric character?


  3. ashgino

    it’s like just admit that you’re stupid and you are still dabbling in drugs……


    TEAM WORLD Reply:

    @ashgino, SHUT UP U ARE A A-HOLE


  4. craziiboy_luis



  5. Triniti




  6. GottaBeMusic

    “I hope I’m not here today because of what happened then. I hope I’m here today because of my achievements and my music.” – Thank You Bruno, but you know how it is today. People just can’t separate a musicians actions from their music…



    Will all of u people get off his D#Ck!!!
    U act as if u actually know these celebs……..


  8. Hugh

    Great interview


  9. chris

    i like me that hat,bruno mars is jus too fresh


  10. nicegirl

    Piers Morgan is a great interviewer.

    Bruno was really cute as a child. This interview was great. I didn’t really know much about Bruno until now.


  11. Brunomars'lover!!! x

    I love Bruno Mars so much!! I wish I knew him personally!!!! xxxxxx


  12. TakiMars

    I love Bruno so much…I’m a Hooligan 4 ever…He is always gonna be perfect in my eyes *__* and nothing can change that.Sure he made that mistake but nobody is perfect at the end of the day!xoxoxo


  13. Mrs marz

    Yore the best Bruno / Peter luv ya


  14. lia

    bruno mars is so down to earth he’s not an attention seeker like most of the other singers he knows he made a mistake if he’s still doing it which I doubt then he’s only hurting himself I think he’s underrated when it comes to his true talent and his songs doesn’t show how a great performer he’s and that’s why he always shines on stage and his voice is so good live


  15. Sierra



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