Behind the Video: Estelle – ‘Thank You’


Estelle shows off her acting chops and designer wardrobe in the behind-the-scenes video for “Thank You,” the Akon-penned single from her third album All of Me (Feb. 28). The full video premieres tomorrow on “106 & Park.”

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  1. AEROL

    she looks like eddie murphy on that pic hahaha!


    REAL TALK Reply:

    @AEROL, lmao…I was gonna say an old junkie…smh..take that pic down immediately


    AEROL Reply:

    @REAL TALK, HAHAHA! not flattering at all..


  2. ed

    …NOT her best picture. lmao


  3. nicegirl

    Looks good!! But the pic isn’t so good haha.


  4. Pleasure Boy

    thats Shreks best friend ryt thr


  5. canibe

    Yeah, the pic is gruesome.


  6. Kyle

    With the right promotion, there is no reason why “Thank You” shouldn’t be a hit for her on the Hip-Hop/R&B chart. That song tells a story and her vocals sound amazing on it. LOVE ESTELLE!


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