Video: – ‘Great Times’ celebrates “Great Times” in the video for the international single off his upcoming solo album #willpower. The Black Eyed Peas frontman provides the upbeat soundtrack, while Brasil serves as the backdrop for this sexy party, which comes complete with champagne, fireworks, and disco balls.


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  1. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    What, where is Behind the front & Bridging the Gap Will.I.Am?





  3. katrinur

    Twitter has ruined album titles forever…… You really about to put a pound sign in front of the name of your ALBUM? and the only symbolization of it being there is because of a social network? lol sorry…. i went a little hard. It’s amusing as hell though


    Neon Reply:

    @katrinur, It’s called a hash tag (#), silly goose.


  4. Joyams

    This is really bad. I liked T.H.E. but this is not interesting at all. You gotta deliver better than that Will.I.Am


  5. coolio

    I think it’s pretty good.


  6. Neon

    Surprisingly good, and better than T.H.E.


  7. ed

    trash. his songs have no lyrics.


  8. nicegirl

    Kinda sucks…we’ve heard it all before.


  9. nicegirl

    We’ve heard it all before.


  10. Lukas



  11. unplugged

    he is really diluting his two brands…right now there is no difference between BEP and his solo ventures…which begs the question…how much do Taboo and Apledeap contribute to the group??? im not really sure they are needed…


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