Lil Wayne Surprises Girlfriend with Ring on Valentine’s Day

Lil Wayne and Dhea

Lil Wayne is not engaged. However, he did pull off an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for his girlfriend by surprising her with a massive ring.

TMZ reports that Weezy took his main squeeze Dhea on a romantic date at a fancy Miami restaurant on Tuesday night.

He secretly gave the wait staff at Barton G. The Restaurant a ring with a giant yellow rock on it and asked them to put it inside their signature Sabrina Sundae, which costs $43 and comes with 12 scoops of ice cream, toppings, and sparklers.

After the dessert was delivered to his table, he reportedly jumped up and shouted, “She said yes!” prompting restaurant patrons to believe that he had just proposed.

Later that night, the Young Money rapper tweeted, “She said yes!” further fueling the engagement reports. But he later cleared up the rumors. “Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant ‘she said yes’ to being my valentine!!! Hahahahahahaha! Y’all krazy!” he wrote after being congratulated by his fans.

Sabrina Sundae

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  1. fck

    Publicity stunt.


  2. My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat

    Neva can imagine Lil Wayne know gettin married from the man who says “I Suck a pu$$y F*4K a Pu$$y leave a Pu$$y” is inspirin


  3. Hannah

    Where is the ring?


  4. QueenBeeFanatic

    lil Kim – If you Love me !! ON ITUNES NOW !


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  6. OOL Uh Uh

    Another non sister gets the black man’s ring. He ran through all those other women, but THIS one “deserves” the ring. SMH My people, my people.

    Wayne you’re wack!


    Levi Reply:

    @OOL Uh Uh,

    Excuse you.
    When did Lil Wayne become morally obligated to marry within his race? More important, why do you care so much about his personal life?


    RAH RAH Reply:

    @Levi, He was married to Toya who is BLACK so…


    OOL Uh Uh Reply:

    @RAH RAH, And how long did that last? My statement still stands. They were teenagers.


    OOL Uh Uh Reply:

    @Levi, did I say he was obligated, ugly? No. I said what I want and blogs are all about personal lives, these days, so eff off.


  7. bknyhustle

    Cosign puss either making you better or bodying you. It’s one or the other no inbetween.


  8. Alfonso

    ewww is she busted, wayne cheat on her or break up wit her, u can do so much better then that (her) whateva the case is. she is like ur plan a-s-s jane


    K Reply:

    @Alfonso, Why does looks matter? he can have any bad bitch on this earth ( money talks ) maybe he loves her personality damn. OUR GENERATION IS FUCKED UP


    Alfonso Reply:

    @K, then that must mean ur fugly then. just keepin it 100, it’s okay pat ur pu-ss-y fo us it will b A-OKAY ;-P


  9. nicegirl

    EEwww…why would she want to be his valentine?? Probably just after his money.


  10. Sophie

    Why those black love white women so much?.? me i cannt lil wayne to ugly. Soon we will be invase with mulatos.


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  12. BreezyLover

    its funny how all the black chicks hate on his white girl hahahahaha


  13. chris

    dwayne cqarter,s tha man,thas how u get down


  14. ekilla

    heyyyyyyy lil wayne is getting married wow!!!!!!!!!!!!


    chris Reply:

    @ekilla, the fuck u talkin bout,it was jus 4 valentines asshole,u illiterate or sth read the post well before opening ua traphole


  15. ekilla



  16. ekilla

    @chris shut up


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