Video: Wale f/ Big Sean – ‘Slight Work’ (Directed by Chris Brown)

Chris Brown, Big Sean, and Wale

D-town meets the DMV in the video for “Slight Work,” Wale and Big Sean’s Diplo-produced collaboration off Ambition. Chris Brown lends his talents on and off-camera, co-directing with Godfrey Tabarez. The swagger is on a hundred thousand as the fellas put in overtime in the visually-stimulating clip. Look for cameos from J. Cole and pro skateboarder Theotis Beasley.

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  1. Triniti

    Yeah…from CB, I expected something along these lines.


  2. blah

    “Directed by Chris brown”.. Is this supposed to add some sort of merit to this?


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @blah, Fall back hoe. Their just crediting another known artist for their contribution to the project. Are you being difficult or stupid?


    andy Reply:

    @StarsAreBlind, if i had to answer for him. BOTH.


    blah Reply:

    @StarsAreBlind, Well usually when the more respected/experienced directors make a video its a rarity for their names to get mentioned in the title. Artist or not, to have the directors name in the title means either there was an amazing contribution made, or just an unnecessary ploy for attention. In this case its the latter.


    Tyler Reply:

    @blah, Stop overanalyzing and scrutinizing. You sound like a miserable person.


    Mentamir Reply:

    @blah, I tend to agree with what you’re saying, but it’s not that big of a deal in my opinion.


  3. A Realist



  4. um

    nothing too special, but then again it wasn’t bad.
    very look at now-ish.


  5. um

    look at ME*


  6. Damn

    Damn,,, Wale dances..


  7. Master Silly

    Flow is Tight, Chris Brown is proving to all the Haters that his Vision is Beyond the Taste of Scope and Beyond..)dk


    Jaymalls Reply:

    @Master Silly, EZ MAH….This video was nothing we haven’t seen yet… and it was also forgettable! I fucks wit Chris but lets be honest with our selves now!


    SUPA Reply:

    @Jaymalls, “EZ MAH” lmfaoo


  8. uh....hold up lil boo

    them girls look like crap & def the wrong type of girls for the video.


  9. CBE


    This kid is talented

    Congrats to Wale and Big sean.


  10. chris

    this is stupid n very stupid plus its….


  11. la

    now all of sudden chris brown directs too. i dont believe it you need more people


  12. I Hate Chris B...

    i’m sick of chris brown


    Ethan Reply:

    @I Hate Chris B…,

    because he’s everywhere? good


    :o Reply:

    @I Hate Chris B…, why you here then?


  13. Sharp Tongue

    I’m a Wale fan and I love this song but Chris Brown is really getting on my nerves (no hating) before you Chris stans have a damn fit.


  14. WednesdayAd

    Annoying ass song


  15. marita

    bravoooo chris brown .


  16. Stre3t Danc@

    So proud of Chris!!! Haters, exit to the left


  17. Kayla

    I’m so proud of Chris! Haters are just mad because he can do it all!


  18. DrakeTakeCare

    i like chris brown really, but…go nd suck his dikk everyboy who talking bout him like he is a genius and not from this world..
    and y’all know what & who i mean with this


  19. Holtz

    this is a nice video


  20. Will

    not really feeling this video this looks exactly the last few Brown videos like “Look At Me Now”


    rickie Reply:

    @Will, true


    nichelle Reply:

    @Will, i thought so…i knew i wasnt buggin


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  22. Morgan

    J. Coleee <3

    [Reply] Reply:

    @Morgan, *throws diamonds up*


  23. hi

    i don’t thing u guys realize that its not always about chris brown…how about the actual song..i bet if his name wasn’t there then some of y’all wouldn’t have anything negative to say


    tune Reply:

    @hi, i know right, props to wale and big sean for the song and video, and not because chris directed it, it was just a good video


  24. :o

    Dope!! #Proud


  25. malikMJdope

    that shit was HOT! yo chris brown did his thing on the directing tip #VAWinsAgain #team804


  26. frenchconnnnection


    The defferent sequences are a lil bit repetitives but they all have a good atmosphere

    wale is flyyy in this video . like it

    congrats mister Brown, we are proud of you

    (and the song is strange and catchy espcially the wale parts)


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