Robin Thicke Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston with ‘Exhale’ Cover

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke honors the incomparable Whitney Houston with a stripped-down cover of her 1995 hit “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” performed on piano. The original, produced by Babyface, appeared on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack and became the third single in history to debut atop the Billboard Hot 100. “This is my tribute to the great Whitney Houston,” tweeted Robin. “Sending my prayers to her family.”

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  1. m.i.k.e.

    FLAWLESS!!!! amazing job Robin


  2. Toya

    This is a touching tribute. My boy!!


  3. DeeJay

    Exhale was nicely done, I don’t think anyone could cover it this well. Plus, I choose song, that people wouldn’t think of coving, Bravo!!


  4. 1Forbiddenfruit

    *Tears* Beautiful !!!!!


  5. rew

    Two days ago Robin Thicke was arrested for smoking pot, and today he’s singing ‘Exhale’. Talk about bad timing.


    Triniti Reply:

    @rew, THANK YOU…lol.


  6. rey

    Him being arrested had nothing to do with him paying tribute to someone he looked up to.


    Steve Reply:

    @rey, Him being arrested shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It is only because the autographed & photographed starved police wanted to make a name for themselves. In LA, the police wouldd have brushed it off!! Robin Thicke is a master @ his craft & this tribute will attest to this mans remarkable talents..


  7. Fa

    Say NO to drugs…any kinda…smoking, joints, alcohol, sex or bad relationships…STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!


    CarlosBonegro Reply:

    @Fa, shut up betch


  8. Sol-Power


    thank you robin


  9. SumthinLikeFire

    It’s okay. I like it, but I feel like it’s missing something.


  10. KaramelKisses

    Amazing! I loved how he tweeked the lyrics to make it about life’s journey. “There’ll come a point when I’ll exhale” … very true words.


  11. Crazi

    Nice !


  12. Tootall



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  14. Mr.IV Don't hurmt

    nice song this is my song back in the day still my song today Rip WEH= Whinety elizabath houston


  15. sewa

    BEAUTIFUL! Love his voice! Long live Whitney!


  16. Drew

    So good


  17. Biscuits



  18. Kb

    Dang Robin, this could very much be the orginal #BRAVO


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