Video: The-Dream – ‘ROC’


The-Dream gets plenty of female attention in the laid-back video for “ROC,” the first single from his upcoming album The Love IV: Diary of a Madman, due late spring/summer. The singer-songwriter, who will hit the road in March on the “Kill the Lights” tour, stops by a house party, where he flips burgers on the grill, plays cards, and makes love to his girl, as guests get down to the sexy beat. Kick back and join the fun.

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  1. Ijusthadsex



  2. Ijusthadsex



  3. Ijusthadsex

    Stick to production


  4. my name is oo

    Have a seat.



    ^^^ Lol at the comments !



    Props to The Dream for stayin real to Hip-Hop.


  7. TheSun

    Love vs. Money was one of the best albums of the 2000s. He is way under reated


  8. rapup?thatspop

    you are a producer dude, not a pop star…why you even try with your wack body and boring personality?


  9. gg

    still thin he shouuldve given this song to mariah carey…good song tho


  10. Joyams

    I watched 27 seconds. Was enough. And to be honest I used to love the dream.


  11. SupaCi

    SMH @ The Haters. The same ones who hate the songs The-Dream make but praise them when its their favorite artist singing the same song.

    Keep it up Dream! Love/Hate & Love vs. Money can still stand up as one of the best R&B albums ever!


    Ice Reply:

    @SupaCi, I honestly don’t understand why people bash his voice. Forget the voice for a while and listen to the emotion he puts in his delivery of the lyrics, that’s the area where he can’t be beat at. Even if he never banks another hit again, I will be purchasing his albums until the day I die because he deserves it.


    Simon Reply:

    @Ice, Amen!!!


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  13. here yee

    pillsbury dough boy… gtfoh


  14. CANDYK

    I like the song but this video is just NO!


  15. keyshawnta



  16. hood

    song dope, video could have been better but he needs a monster hit cause def jam bout to drop this guy


  17. IM_ME

    It reminds me of “Party”…im not too mad at the song, but it’s not a good first single at all.


  18. rebone

    everything the dream makes is ill, u aint seen it from this mans perspective


  19. Gabrielly

    My friend (lets call him Chris) is rlealy chil, laid back, interesting, guy. But hes like a good guy friend of mine. He is soooo funny and cute and tall and yeah. We text all the time and at school, hugs are given(: we talk sometimes at school but its not as comfortable i guess. Also we have our own special handshake .so do you think we should stay friends or no? Why or why not? Tips? Does he like me? Be honest please!


  20. Say word

    I loved it. Everyone wishes they were at that party. What a good time they had


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