New Music: Plies – ‘F**ks With You’


Plies professes his dedication to his girl on his ghetto love anthem “Fucks With You,” the first single off his fifth album Purple Heart. The Florida MC raps about a down-ass chick who’s not interested in his celebrity status, while R&B singer Kief provides the radio-ready hook. The song also appears on Plies’ new mixtape On Trial. Plus, watch the video for “Go Off,” a cut off the tape.

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  1. Ijusthadsex



  2. Ijusthadsex

    Go away


  3. XO till we overdose

    the god of hip hop is back!!!!!!!!!!
    lol jk we need plies to stop destroying hip hop.


    Say word Reply:

    @XO till we overdose, AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!


  4. Ice

    I like it, but why does he feel the need to put profanity in the name of his first single. A corny edited version wouldn’t really sound good on the radio.


  5. Speechless

    Why does he even bother anymore??


  6. datdamzoe

    Get off his Dick haters if you don’t like it that much why yall entertaining it certified fuck niggas


  7. Oh Please

    Give it up already


  8. Bee_26

    Algernod needs to hang it up


  9. Martii mar

    Ayy keep doing ya thing bubba. Dah song hot nd other ones on ya album. Big ups homie


  10. houndassnigga/sarasota

    man fuck yall haters my dawg snapped on this shit


  11. desiree santana

    i love this song so much all yall haters just mad cuz u aint got it like him so fuck ya lol


  12. mika baby

    Plies is one of a kind got his own style. He’s the kryptonite to you haters. He ain’t goin no where!


  13. slick vic

    Keep doin it up big dog


  14. Jimmy G

    like this, baby boy going ham 4 real stuff & things


  15. misss T

    Plies is the best he is 100% real and. Y’all just hatiin g.t.h


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