Whitney Houston Soars in New ‘Sparkle’ Footage

Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks

Whitney Houston was on her way to a triumphant return while shooting what would become her final on-screen performance in Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 film. When “ET” paid a visit to the set in Detroit, the iconic singer’s voice was full and she looked “heavier and healthier,” according to host Mark Steins.

She filmed scenes at a house and church, similar to the one she grew up in, and sat down with her co-star Jordin Sparks. Whitney shared how she didn’t let daughter Bobbi Kristina listen to explicit lyrics and Jordin recalled the time she quickly changed a song when Whitney was in the room.

She was in curlers while shooting her scenes, in which she plays a “run down” mother, but insisted on dressing up for the interview. Check out some on-set footage from Whitney’s final film, which hits theaters August 17.

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  1. deb

    Whitney The Voice Houston

    There will never be another. I love her, she’s such an inspiration from her faith to her kind and loving spirit.

    I can’t wait to see this movie to support her. And yes,s he looks and sounds fantastic


  2. Chicago

    That’s my baby, Whitney Houston.


  3. Logic



  4. Redchainsaw

    She was so warm and humble! GOD Bless Her Soul

    R.I.P W.H


  5. Danielle

    I wouldn’t be surprised if her performance is that good if she gets an oscar nod…would be interesting


  6. sewa



  7. [email protected]

    Seeing this footage gave me chills. Just seeing her healthy & happy is soooo moving. You better do it Miss Nippy!


  8. Truth Seeker

    funny she made mention of her church b/c at one point while watching her funeral I could not help but think about Sister’s funeral in the original Sparkle…evrything is in Divine Order.


  9. lil pad

    I can’t wait…The whole family is going to see this movie.


  10. luv whitney

    I will definitely support Whitney. I’ll always love Whitney. Rip


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