Sneak Peek: Brandy & Monica – ‘It All Belongs to Me’

Brandy and Monica

Brandy and Monica were just teenagers when they released their Grammy-winning hit “The Boy Is Mine.” Fourteen years later, the ladies are back, looking more glamorous and beautiful than ever in the behind-the-scenes teaser for “It All Belongs to Me,” their Rico Love-produced collaboration. The video, directed by Chris Robinson, was shot at a palatial mansion in the Los Angeles area and will premiere March 5. Get a sneak peek below.

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  1. the bitch slayer



  2. draya

    i love this song it so hot. love when monica says thats my mac book so log off your face book what a gag


  3. coolio

    They look so hot! Brandy baby can;t wait for your I’ll buy 2 just to make you happy :))


  4. Dave

    The video looks like it’s gonna be really nice. I admit the song isn’t all that, but those vocals >>>


  5. KiKi



  6. Derrriick

    Video looks great; can’t wait!!!


  7. KillBill92

    I love the vocals on this track!!!


  8. Diamond Girl

    As much as I love them and their talents, if this song is what they are using to catapult them into relevancy, they should go back to the drawing board. They are gorgeous and can sing extremely well, this song is wack and in no where near the caliber of the “the boy is mine” that was epic, the instrumentation alone in that song was epic, harps and an orchestra. this is beneath them!


    C1 Reply:

    @Diamond Girl, I totally agree !!!!!


    Kyle Reply:

    @Diamond Girl, that was 14 years ago though! It would be impossible for them to duplicate “The Boy Is Mine.” I think this song just really showcases their vocals and I hope people pick up on that and appreciate the song for what it is. I personally really like it. It took a few listens but once I got past the fact that it isn’t “The Boy Is Mine,” I started to really like it.


  9. NikkiIsChillin

    The song is catchy. The video looks hot. Go Bran & Mo!


  10. Jay

    YES YES YES!!! Can’t wait to see it!!! :)


  11. wq

    they are better than rihanna and beyonce.


  12. Lisa

    Monica looks gorgeous. I can’t at Brandy not being on the driver’s side in any scenes.


    SdotB Reply:

    @Lisa, ignorant!


  13. Kyle

    I am really feeling Monica’s look lately. She rocked a strictly short cut during the “Still Standing” era and I like how she is sporting long hair now. It looks really good on her.


  14. doobie

    I have to say i am pretty darn excited to see this video…i actually love the way its lookin so far. I will say tho there are a few looks that both bran & mo were rockin that i didnt like, but for the most part they both looked great. New life april 10th already pre ordered my copies


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