Video: D. Woods f/ Shanell & Kyle Lucas – ‘Foolish Dreamer’

D. Woods and Shanell

It’s a family affair in the uplifting video for “Foolish Dreamer,” D. Woods’ collaboration with her sister Shanell off the former Danity Kane member’s EP The Gray Area. The Woodgett siblings tap dance in the throwback footage from their childhood and come together in present day, while sharing others’ inspirational stories. In addition to the Young Money songstress, the video stars rapper Kyle Lucas. Dare to dream.

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  1. Madenhouston

    Im feeln her. I got her EP major growth since DK and SnL just icing on my cake…


  2. Songstress

    I didn’t know they were sisters ! Nice song !


  3. Good Attitude right' hea

    Yeah I’m feelin that, good sound, vibe, singing!


  4. Kyle

    I like this song. The Woodgett sisters are beautiful! I hope they both catch a big break soon. I still miss the days of Danity Kane. “Welcome To The Dollhouse” was such a solid pop/R&B album!!!


  5. Boy Wonder

    I like Shanell but her music is so hit and miss for me. Luckily I feel like this leans more to the hit side. She’s beautiful & talented I just wish she’d work with more talented producers. Whoever she did “So Good” and “Save Me” with needs to executive produce her album!!! And if Wayne woulda have her How To Love then put out So Good her foot definitely woulda been in the door. I’m pulling for her.


    Boy Wonder Reply:

    @Boy Wonder, *gave her How To Love. Autocorrect got me.



    They R sisters???! WOW but they actually do look alike. they’re both prettAy


  7. Dave

    Love it. Imma get her EP & see how it sounds.


  8. bam

    she should do more dancey type music


  9. Genesis

    Not bad! Really, Shanell still you money? If so, why she’s never with them?


    Ash Reply:

    @Genesis, she’s still with YM…and she was just with the group in that vid around Grammy time.


  10. Os




    This is a really good song, and video. I wish D. Woods best of luck.


  12. CK

    I’ve never heard Shannell’s voice, and thought she stole the song away from D. Woods w/ the 2nd verse and chorus!


    Sean Reply:

    @CK, I completely agree. She stole the song, her voice fits it better. And her part was written better too. Poor D.


  13. mj

    video was out of this world awesome


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