Sabi Lights Up the Screen in ‘Wild Heart’ Video


Sabi makes her fiery debut in the video for “Wild Heart.” The former Bangz member, who appeared on Britney Spears’ “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” and Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel…” last year, takes you behind the scenes of her first solo release, which was featured in the promo for E!’s “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.”

Directed by Mike Mahil, the Inglewood native filmed scenes at a house in downtown Los Angeles last month. “I feel like I was on top of the world. It’s pretty awesome,” said Sabi while overlooking the L.A. skyline.

The 23-year-old singer is readying her Warner Bros. Records debut for release this year. Go behind the scenes of “Wild Heart” below.

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  1. Cranberry



  2. Jay

    shes so damn boring lol


  3. call me dumb

    wen i looked at the picture with the red hat I thought it was Ciara for a minute..


  4. nicoyuki

    I like her, pretty girl nice vioce. She might do good
    , I see her having a good crossover appear


  5. draya

    omg i love this song sabi is the shit…. wow this song is fab


  6. Dopeness

    She kind of looks like Aaliyah in some scenes.


    Valerie Reply:

    @Dopeness, I see much similarity to Bianca Lawson from Pretty Little Liars!


    mj Reply:

    @Dopeness, No lie. I thought that too!


  7. Roman

    I knew about her because of Britney’s song Beautiful (Drop Dead)
    She also raps.

    “Steamin’ like a pot full of vegetables”



  8. Dante

    This id HOT! This is the sound Rihanna should’ve delve into after Rated R, but she went back to the pop world. I’m loving it!


  9. joey

    she looks like a mix of ciara and alicia keys.


  10. REALLY??

    she looks like Aaliyah & Ciara put together. oh and wasn’t this the promo song for Kim & Kourtney Takes New York?


  11. Dave

    Video looks like it’s gonna be really good.


  12. Guccesha Ivy

    she does kind of remin of Ciara & aaliyah bet the video gonna be Good Luv the song


  13. CK1

    It took her long enough to finally make a video for this single!


  14. Valerie

    I really see some great potential in Sabi. She’s a talented, gorgeous young woman. Excited to hear more music! On a side note, she looks so much like Bianca Lawson from Pretty Little Liars, to me!!


  15. :O youMADstayMAD

    a fake Aaliyah :/ Rest In Peace Baby Girl! there will NEVER will another.


  16. highprice

    I swore this was @ciara at a first glance


  17. LiveLoveLaugh

    STFU….she is talented and beautiful…she does resemble a bit of Liyah and Cici<333


  18. cutiegurl106

    She kinda looks like alicia keys


  19. yuppitsme

    shes really cute def looks like ciara & aaliyah mixed song sounds okay shes missing something tho that little extra umph if u wanna call it that


  20. Popcritic

    #DEAD will she ever be a huge popstar and be in competition with the likes of britney , beyonce rihanna lady gaga and Katy perry maybe . will she last ? hell no


  21. whitechocolate

    she got sexy as hell. i wish she had quality music backing up her image.


  22. ughreally

    Song seems cool.

    She’s talented.

    Poor Ella (of her former group the Bangz) she was seriously injured from a shooting (That’s why the group is no more…she can hardly talk)


  23. Hugh

    La la la la la



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