New Music: Rick Ross – ‘Birthday Cake (Remix)’

Rihanna and Rick Ross

Ricky Rozay wants that cake, cake, cake. The Biggest Bawse serves up his remix to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” featuring Chris Brown. “Painting on the wall cost me $2.8/ Basquiat boy, what you know about cake?” asks the Teflon Don on his flashy verse. Dig in.

[RapRadar via DJ Scream]

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  1. GrandHustle



    Speechless Reply:

    @GrandHustle, you need to sit ALL the way down


    C94B Reply:


    Lmfao that’s so cold


    Answer Reply:

    @GrandHustle, But this song isn’t Pop.

    It’s straight HIP HOP CRACK nigga.


    Bobby Reply:

    @GrandHustle, LMFAO. Rihanna and Queen of Pop NEVER. Love her but no just never.


    minto Reply:

    @Bobby, she definetely have potential to become it tho


    PopCritic Reply:

    @minto, she has soo much potential she is some what like madonna


  2. k

    How ironic


    JustPaasingThrew Reply:



    me Reply:

    @JustPaasingThrew, hahaha took me a min but I caught it


  3. andel morrison

    lovin it


  4. Anrice

    I like it though, !


  5. nyesee



  6. Jay



  7. bret

    lets see how many remixes they can make


  8. Speechless

    even worse than before


  9. whitechocolate

    ricky kinda killt it. this is the next marvin’s room lolol. errybody is hoppin on it


  10. Joel Keeps it Real

    His fat ass would want some cake, cake, cake. He need to sit down before he has another stroke, I know I ain’t the only who hears his big ass heavily breathing in every song he does….


    Ray Reply:

    @Joel Keeps it Real, omg stop lol


  11. D.King

    FIRE!!!!! I’m lovin it ;) I wonder how many remixes their going to do to this 1 song lol!! Ross went in though


  12. ummmm

    DA hell is this!!


  13. No No NO No No

    This doesn’t sound good.


  14. nicci

    shit chris is still on it! pah


  15. pleasure boy

    i love you like a fat kid love Cake – 50 Cent


  16. shell

    rihanna did not need to re-mix this! it was fine with just her and chris brown


  17. denise

    Rihanna probablu didn’t remix this herself, people are just jumping on it now


  18. Stre3t Danc@

    hah this remix is for the Chrianna stans who said that Rick Ross cannot be the one on the remix under any circumstances.

    Although, nothing can top the remix with Chris, I gotta admit.


  19. chiche

    maybachs are noooooo more.


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