Video: Chris Brown – ‘How I Feel’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown soars over adversity in the video for “How I Feel,” the introspective song that he released earlier this month. The 22-year-old singer sits in a private plane with his laptop and headphones around his neck as he reflects on the ups and downs of his personal and professional life. Touch the sky with Breezy.

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  1. nlboy



    my name is oo Reply:

    @nlboy, OMG He’s so cute. I love him like crazy


  2. SJS



  3. Kenluv

    Love this!!!! Don’t worry your true fans love that your back and doing your thing. Never worry about the haters.


  4. S.M.W

    Love It!!! So deep and True.. One of the realest Artist Youll ever Know!!


  5. Blaze

    I love it he doin his thing


  6. dreincharacter

    “mom gonna be dead soon, cause man beat her, but he don’t realize she important to this family like a f%^ng heirloom.”

    You fucking hypocritical piece of shit.


    chiche Reply:


    when someone has witnessed abuse or received abuse on a daily bases. and they never had therapy to work through how to express their anger in adult way… he’s learning , so shoul d u


    dreincharacter Reply:


    He wasn’t abused as a child. He should know the difference between right and wrong. What he did was wrong and inexcusable. But the world forgave him, fine. Doesn’t mean he can sing about his mom getting beat and not agreeing with it.

    Its called being a hypocrite. And it’s in bad taste.

    You should set asaide your starstruck self and see if you’d say that if he was a regular person and not a celebrity.


    Don't worry about it. Reply:

    @dreincharacter, what he did is no one’s business to talk about. he is the best at what he does. how many people can act, sing, dance and rap from 16 years old. if you dont like him that’s fine, but dont talk about situations that dont involve you.


  7. BlahBlah

    Cum on my face Chris.



    well written.


  9. CBE

    Thats real talk from the heart!Do you chris your fans still love you dont lose your head.


  10. hm

    01:35 is soo about Rihanna!


  11. NiNa

    This is so touching TeamBreezy got your back Chris we love you *Flip Birds* up to the haterz!


  12. jrellamiller

    should have done this song a little earlier thou because people need to live their lives and not dictate others. forgive and move on


  13. Ray

    Can’t wait for da album!



  14. Stre3t Danc@

    This song is so emotional.. it really represents Chris as a person and the stuff he’s been through.


  15. Kendall

    Uhhh.. I like it some ways & hate his self pity in so many others. Talented w/ a lot of growing to do. What’s up w/ all these releases tho, will the album have anything we haven’t heard? Artists strategy plans are intriguing me lately.


  16. sewa



  17. Say word

    I like the part where he says awesome. Haha


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