New Music: Fat Joe f/ Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Fabolous, & Kirko Bangz – ‘Another Round (Remix)’

Mary J. Blige

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul graces the remix to Fat Joe’s “Another Round” featuring Fabolous, Kirko Bangz, and Chris Brown. MJB adds her soulful touch, Loso and Bangz deliver new bars, and Joey Crack tops it off with some icing. “Cake, cake, cake, cakin’ on your lovin’,” he raps on his sweet verse.


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  1. Diamond

    Nice! Love Mary’s part. She makes the song.


  2. SJS



  3. Ethan

    Kirko is wack. Fabolous did alright but i just wish Mary Didn’t do the chorus. she doesn’t sound good imo


    Triniti Reply:

    @Ethan, Damn, do you like ANYTHING?


  4. i love cock

    team breezy for life


  5. O.V.E.R

    Banger !
    I just wish Chris Brown wasn’t on this ; that dude is too wack to get on a track with Mary J. Blige.


    Drew Reply:

    @O.V.E.R, It’s his and fat joe’s song though.. lmao. She’s the one who chose to get on it. Gtfoh


  6. meatspin

    team breezy uk represent


    WonderLAnd19 Reply:

    @meatspin, TEAMBREEZYUK!!!!!!!!!!! We got him his first UK No.1 !!!!! Cant wait for ‘Fortune’ to drop on May 7th :) :)


  7. pia

    Breezy vocals are on point along with Mary. They should had did the remix together


  8. Yup

    Yes!! Mary killed it! She the best!!


  9. Kourtney_Bee

    I haven’t listened yet but just from the features I can tell this may be a bit tooooo much


  10. shell517nj

    should have left it alone. the original is love making music. chris brown hook is sexy as heck. this version not good and mary at the end what is that?


  11. Simone

    Chris Brown is the reason the original is good.. Why did Joe have to ruin it with all these extra people?!

    Smh.. I’m upset now.


    Ice Reply:

    @Simone, The song’s not ruined because the original is still available to listen to.



    Mary screaming like a cat…


    MayaMJBFan Reply:



  13. Polite

    YOOO I love it. Mary did her thing and her part is my favorite. The song coulda did without kirko bangz


  14. Morgan

    Kirko and Mary are the only reason this is any good…


  15. whitechocolate

    this remix actually hits. i wish chris and mary harmonized together. woulda been hot.


  16. Chet

    Kirko is whack as fuck. He’s the poor man’s Drake.


  17. BbyAngel

    This remix is WACK! The original is sooo much better!


  18. TheDreamer

    I think the original is better, but this is still pretty good.


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