Teairra Mari Sexes Up the Airwaves with New Album Title

Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari is bringing her sexy sound to the airwaves this summer. The R&B vixen has decided on a title for her oft-delayed sophomore album.

During a visit to Chicago radio station WGCI over the weekend, Teairra announced that Sex on the Radio will serve as the follow-up to her 2005 Roc-A-Fella debut.

“It’s reminiscent of a new jack swing, like ’90s R&B, bedroom music but with a bounce,” she told Rap-Up TV while shooting the video for her first single “U Did That” with 2 Chainz in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old singer parted ways with Warner Bros. Records last year and signed a deal with Rico Love’s Division1 label. While the project will mostly consist of Rico’s production, she hopes to collaborate with fellow Detroit artist Big Sean and Pharrell.

“That’s like a dream come true for me ’cause he’s one of my favorite producers,” said Teairra, who recently ran into The Neptunes producer in the studio.

Rico has put his full support behind Teairra. “I believe in her. She’s a superstar,” he told Rap-Up.com. “If somebody is a star and they have that ‘it’ thing that cannot be taught, all you have to do is put a record with it. I believe that she’s gonna have a successful career. I believe that she has that potential.”

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  1. Aaron

    Im so excited for my wifee(;


  2. kjjk

    the follow-up to her 2005 Roc-A-Fella debut??? DAMN thats even longer than Queen Cassie’s last album lol :o

    Cassie tho >>>>>>>>>>>>


    CharlieTheUnicorn Reply:

    @kjjk, only difference….teairra had mixtape….cassie…none


  3. Huh

    She used to be one of Weezy’s jump offs


  4. heynow



  5. Iceman

    That’s Rico for ya…if a Division 1 artist is R&B, THEY’RE STRAIGHT UP R&B.

    They tried to shut my sweetie Teairra down when she said no to the Illuminati…but Rico’s gonna bring her back!


  6. tay

    I love her<3


  7. LaMont

    I just hope this album actually comes out.


    Kyle Reply:

    @LaMont, agreed. I don’t care what she names it or anything, I just want her to release an album already! It’s been so long!


  8. TeamTeairra

    Personally I love the title and I understand the seduction of it but I’m a little worried some people won’t understand and automatically assume she’s “a female trey songz” (not that that’s a bad thing) because she doesn’t just sing about sex the feel of the album just has a sexy tone to it. I just don’t want her to be catogorized as 1 of those singers…. But hey maybe they’ll get it, if not FUCK THE NAYSAYERS I’m RIDING FOR MINE!!!! #OperationTeamTeairraTakeOver2012AndBeyond


    Beat Red Reply:

    @TeamTeairra, Ikr People are so judgmental the same ones who say this person is all about sex is the same people who have sex with anybody…


  9. MusiqLover

    C’mon already. Been waiting forever. Can’t wait. Hope there’s some diversity on the album and not just slow jamz.


  10. Rap*LovesJesus

    lol at the name


  11. V

    can’t wait for this album, it’s gonna be a banger full of hits #teamteairra


  12. JustMe

    I wish her the best…Not really feeling the song tho.


  13. ayee

    heard this shit so many times already.. it’s never coming, fking detox..


  14. Songstress

    I’m excited for her, hopefully this does well as first as her debut… she is dope though !


    Songstress Reply:

    @Songstress, excuse me “as well as her debut”


  15. Beat Red

    I can’t wait! I really loved her first album!


  16. ladyrt23

    hot song! when the vid is released, it will definitely be a fav on 106th&Park.



    I love her


  18. The Truth

    i love this girl!!!!!!!!!! keep it up Teairra your almost there


  19. TheDreamer

    Love new jack swing/90′s r&b so am looking forward to the album.


  20. credits

    She’s definitely hot! But lately she is selling too much sex, if she doesn’t leave anything to the imagination we will get bored of it and fantasize about the other girl who has yet to show it off.


  21. Javis

    Correction ->mywifee lol! Cant wait for the album, tha title serves rite 4 the album tho even tho my suggestion was poorboy


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