Rita Ora Performs Acoustic Set for VEVO

Rita Ora

Rita Ora stripped down for VEVO. As part of its LIFT campaign in the U.K., the Roc Nation singer performed an acoustic set including her Drake-penned single “R.I.P.” and new track “Roc the Life.”

“I’m always nervous to do an acoustic version of my song, and it does sound different,” said the 21-year-old Albanian. “It all works out, but it takes us a few rehearsals.”

She called “Roc the Life” one of her favorite tracks off her upcoming debut. “It’s about just taking control of your own life and rocking the hell out of it,” explained Rita, who performs the song during her live shows.

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    I want to like her…but something is missing… *shrugs shoulders*


  2. lol



  3. GG

    i’m not convinced…cute girl, decent voice but no real star quality/ it-factor. Think she’d be better suited to a girl group not as a solo-artist


    Ray Reply:

    @GG, I agree


  4. BreezyLover


    Jay-Z knowa what he’s doing…He’s a star-maker


  5. Billionaire

    To be honest, there’s is something missing. However i will still keep and open mind though.


  6. gee.el

    LOVE RITA ORA, shes already international star so that yall know


  7. Ray

    She has the look and the voice buuut like everybody else said something is missing lol


    Morgan Reply:

    @Ray, “Everybody else” is talking bullshit and making Rihanna comparisons. It’s getting old, really quickly.


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  9. Replay

    First I really liked her but now… naaa cus she is chaning so fast and this just in 4weeks and she has too much hype now without a hit song or something like that lol…


    Troy Reply:

    @Replay, she does have a hit song.


  10. Warren

    Her team is really promoting this girl, arent they?

    She can be big, it just will depend of her next singles.

    And she is just 21, she has all the time in the world to be big, she doesnt need to do it all with her first album.


  11. :o

    She’s so freaking cute!


  12. queen beyonce

    i really like her want her to succeed #rocnation


  13. flawda

    LOL at you insecure Rihanna clowns talking about star quality, that’s that same nonsense you Rihanna and Nicki Minaj use to conceal the fact they have no talent. The music business need more people like Rita Ora who can actually sing, not models and barbies.


    MATT DOFAT Reply:

    @flawda, what rihanna clowns are u talking about because there are none on this post u pointless hater. I can’t speak on Nicki cuz i dont listen to her music But rihanna has talent; highly doubt she would win grammys,accolades, and sell out stadiums if she didn’t so keep your shade in that corner you reside.

    when it comes to Rita, all she needs is to find her lane and stick to it because she can easily be molded into a Rihanna or Beyonce clone if she doesnt break free from her label pressures, Rihanna did it and now she’s one of the worlds biggest superstars


    Trin Reply:

    @MATT DOFAT, What the bloody hell are you talking about? This was Rita’s style before Rihanna went through her whole damn transformation. How about you watch some of her interviews before making blind, stupid assumptions.


  14. Shots fired

    Silly me I thought a singer was supposed to sound good while singing. Im hoping she stays boring like Adele, and keeps sounding good. Funny no complaints about voice then on some nonsense.


    China Reply:

    @Shots fired, Thank you. To many people think their frickin A&R these days. As long as the singer sounds good and has music that moves me I am not concerned about how fun personality is or how pretty they look in photos.


    Theirthedevilschildren Reply:

    @China, couldnt have vocalized that better!These imbasils have no idea what a real vocalist is and this is why real vocalist and music with lyrical content has died away because people are purchasing the gimmicks. smh!


    Ramon Reply:

    @Theirthedevilschildren, Thank you! Some people will use anything to try and tear a person down!


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