Keri Hilson
4.13.2012 Uncategorized

Keri Hilson Shares Love for Reading in Epic Book Drive PSA

Keri Hilson escapes in a good book in a PSA for the Epic Book Drive. The Grammy-nominated singer has teamed up with to encourage young people to join in the nationwide book drive by bringing books to local people in need.

“Joining’s newest effort to provide for people in need with Epic Book Drive was the easiest decision ever!” said Keri, who started her own keriCARES! Foundation. “I truly believe providing access to those who want to learn is the key to bettering lives around the country. And helping kids find healthy outlets, such as books, has always been a passion of mine. So my involvement here is a natural fit.”

The campaign runs until May 18. To learn more and get involved, visit

  • MinajRules2012

    Yes stick to reading books!!! Your albums flop and you’re better behind the scenes!!!

    • okay..boring

      @MinajRules2012, couldnt have said it better

  • yooooooooo

    WOW!!! keri is such an inspiration and a great role model for everyone. People may diss her, but nobody’s perfect.
    Cant wait for the third album to drop; even if its this year, next year or later… EXCITED!

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  • margie

    good thing she promoting reading, cause the bitch damn sure cant sing

    • : )

      @margie, this comment is everything.

    • yooooooooo

      @margie, Seriously, thats unnecessary. Especially considering she is a talented singer!

    • king of Lovtre

      @margie, thats Unncessary tramp

  • Redchainsaw

    Really good cause ……………………but are my eyes deceiving,does she have a camel toe?

    • Say word

      @Redchainsaw, She does. Sex sells at a young Age

  • Rap*LovesJesus

    good thing

  • mal


  • mal


  • TheDreamer

    Good for her for supporting this cause.

  • highprice

    Ciara clone

    • yooooooooo

      @highprice, ciara wishes she had the talent that keri has at singing and songwriting :P

  • king of Lovtre

    Amazing for Keri H

  • Uche Ogba

    Her gesture is commendable, because it will touch the lives of many people positively.