Dawn Richard Drops ‘Bombs’ Live on ‘What’s Trending’

Dawn Richard

During a day off from her tour with PJ Morton, Dawn Richard paid a visit to the “What’s Trending” studios in L.A. The New Orleans singer talked about her departure from Bad Boy, the success of her digital EP Armor On, and commanded the stage with a live performance of her explosive single “Bombs.” Dawn will perform at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York on April 30.

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  1. nicole



  2. tye

    great performance
    I love the EP and Im a big fan


  3. Redchainsaw

    She did good,her DJ was messing up with the volume of the track……I still haven’t lsitened to her EP in its entirety


  4. C1

    such a humble girl!!! wish her the best!


  5. INCAS



    Diamond Reply:

    @INCAS, What!, you must be hatter, or someone who’s clearly jealous of her success, because this girl is not ugly at all. Dawn has made me a fan of her’s forreal!


  6. ohbaby

    Bald headed BITCH


  7. Diamond

    She did a good job! I am definitely a fan of her’s now. And her Ep banggggs! It has me wanting more.


  8. blackie

    She will never be Beyonce, Ashanti, Rihanna r ciara, Take a seat


    Theirthedevilschildren Reply:

    @blackie, you’re so right because she’s actually authentic and writes and contribute a lot to her material. You and all the biatches you named exept for Ciara can take a seat!


    Unknown Reply:

    @blackie, Right and they wil never be Dawn. Singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, and choreographer. Now you have a seat in the corner. —->


  9. WonderLand19


    This girl is super blessed. For an independent artist to be getting promo like is literally unheard of! Plus, ‘Bombs away’ is being sent to MTV!!!!!!!!! Her EP is freakin amazing. Both her and Melody Thothron are killing it with the music.
    Labels, be prepared to offer this girl the right deal cause she is smashing it by her self!


    T.K. Reply:

    @WonderLand19, Lol well it does help that she was involved in the music scene beforehand, but yeh I agree, she’s a great talent.


  10. Ftab

    She really can sing. Even when she could lip sync she doesn’t and kills it. I am just really impressed. People really do sleep on talent and buy gimmicks


    BEING ME! Reply:

    @Ftab, Not me, I refuse to buy bullshit ass music. I do not care if you’re an elite artist or not. I had to hear Dawn’s Ep before I bought it. And her Ep is amazing, I was shocked. I had to buy it!!! And I’ve been rocking that great music ever since. As long as she continue to bring that heat. I’ll continue to give her my 5, 10, 15 dollars. Now i’m waiting on the album, gotta have it.


  11. BEING ME!

    Love her performance. That stage is small, and she barely had room. Dawn has impressed me, and that’s not easy to do. Keep it up!


  12. Benita

    She did a great job, LOVE HER!!!


  13. Darren

    That’s my baby, or at least I wish she was.


  14. Dave

    I wish she didn’t have that backtrack, so she can REALLY sing. Not saying she didn’t sing, but you could barely hear her over that rusty backtrack.


  15. reality

    ok i think she did a great job with “bombs” even with the video SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS !!

    Good job


  16. Gotta Lovuisr19

    Awsome for dawn and the hater can shut the F up keep it moving


  17. vladica07

    Im glad she’s getting so much attention,considering she has no major label to back her up.Her EP is great,go get it if you havent yet!


  18. @lifeovaboss_21

    Dawn is an amazing artist I love her and her music she will make it bigger than anyone thinks and for all you haters kick rocks…..


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