Video: Leah LaBelle – ‘Sexify’

Leah LaBelle

Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri’s protégée Leah LaBelle makes her introduction in the colorful video for her debut single “Sexify,” directed by Sarah Chatfield. When her girlfriends need relationship advice, they dial up Leah, who tells them how to spice things up in the bedroom. Her phone never stops ringing, whether she’s in the bathttub or going through her wardrobe.

Skateboard P makes a cameo as a pizza delivery boy and J.D. plays the angry landlord, who comes knocking at her door to tell her to turn down the music. In the end, she meets up with her girlfriends including JoJo for a pizza party.

The “American Idol” alum will release her debut in late summer/early fall on I-Am-Other/So So Def/Epic Records. Preview five tracks from the album including “So Hot,” “Make Me Get Up,” “What Do We Got Lose,” and “Mr. Scissors.”

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    I love her


  2. Ice

    I have had this song on repeat for a month now and the video was fantastic. If Pharrell and JD play their cards right, this girl can be huge. She is so gorgeous too, I think I’m in love.


  3. TRP

    She looks incredible in the video.


  4. H.N.I.C.



  5. Songstress

    I really like her ! Grown and sexy music!


  6. Kahari

    I love the video. It’s about being flirty, without being overtly sexual. Love the song, can’t wait for the yet to be untitled album!


  7. ayee

    can’t see it.. not available for my region F.U Rap up


    Humberto Reply:

    @ayee, Gurl, come down, this is not their fault. The player is from MTV! SMH


    ayee Reply:

    @Humberto, yeah, but they’re the ones posting links to videos that only Americans can see.. that’s f*cked..


  8. June01

    LOVE IT!!! The video is fun + you can’t ever go wrong with having Jo Jo in your video :) Like the song alot too. Leah is one to look out for. Best of luck.


  9. AustynKing

    Y she remind of Lisa Stanfield?!?! remember the girl that sang “Been Around The World” & that’s a gd thing cuz that song is CLASSIC!!


  10. Jader

    is not available in Brazil! =(


  11. kevin

    Boring as hell and dated too!


    Go leah Reply:

    @kevin, i disagree.


  12. OMG

    it’s not available in europe :( can’t watch :(((


  13. jojofan12

    I loved this video leah brought it home… she’s amazing. JD and Pharrell are gonna promote the heck out of her. She has big things coming up. This video was fun. Good job Leah


  14. OMG

    Finally got to watch it! Video is really good. She’s gorgeous. Finally a WHITE CHICK who can sing RnB! She sounds amazing, very soulful!


  15. Wil

    Shes aight. People are gonna like her cuz shes white n pretty. Her attempt at having a soulful voice is a fail.


  16. Haywood cooper omaha ne

    I dont care what any body says leah got it and she is going all the way big black mman said this wuv you girl I got you


  17. Haywood cooper omaha ne

    Bring your sweet and sexy self to omaha nebraska this black man will come see you you go sexy lady and dont stop voice


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