Video: Brave – ‘Break Me Down’


Brave makes her voice heard in the empowering video for “Break Me Down,” a single off her upcoming EP A Brave New World. The former RichGirl member reflects on her own struggles and shares stories of others who have been victimized because of their sexual orientation or religion.

“You may build me up, but you won’t break me down/ I’ve come too far to just throw in the towel/ It’s a new day,” sings the curly-haired Brave, who also raps.

Find strength in her words.

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  1. georgia23

    I don’t agree with gay marriage but I DEFINITELY don’t think gays should be bullied and fear for their lives for the ignorance of others. No one should have to live that way. AND I really do like this song it’s empowering and I’m glad to see HER shining on her own.


    meme Reply:

    @georgia23, what exactly ur reason for not agreeing with gay marriage? are you straight? if so how does other lives affect your life? i dont get it. Why shud someone else happiness depend on the opinions of u or anyone else.


    Moodle21KingtonzMar Reply:

    @georgia23, since u don’t agreeing with Gay marriage then It should not matter to you


  2. me

    WOW…She came outta no where with this one…LOVE IT!


  3. marrisa

    im crying! i needed to hear this in my life. thank you for posting this link!! Im a true fan now of this talented woman. i love her message THANK YOU BRAVE


    me Reply:

    @marrisa, i agree.


  4. OMG

    whaoh!! Brave just slapped me in the face with this one had noooo idea she could rap like this! she should of been rapping in her group. LOVE THE MESSAGE! FINALLY! an MC with substance #teambrave


    OhMy Reply:

    @OMG, She did rapped in RichGirl! :)

    Great video, Brave! I love you!


  5. bryant202

    #goosebumps KILLED IT!


  6. Real Talk

    Hey Rap-up can u post that Lil Kim interview from the Breakfast Club this morning so people can finally see how much a fraud Nicki Minaj is and that shes been taking shots at Kim since her mixtape days. Thank You. That is all


    Cosign Reply:

    @Real Talk, THIS!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. jl_crack

    wow! this is so good!


  8. odd future

    she looks so mu8ch n reminds me of jennifer lopez,anyone else get the same looks n hce too


    Ray Reply:

    @odd future,everybody use to say it, yet I still don’t see it


  9. MusiqLover

    THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! such a good message and good beats and lyrics. keep it up brave!


  10. lewminous

    Love it. Right on time too…


  11. Ray

    Man if only that group would have had to right promotion, I’m sill of fan of Brave and Lyndriette though


  12. LaMont

    DAMN! She went hard in the paint! A really good positive song and video.I’m looking forward to her EP.Hip-Hop needs more positive music like this.


  13. Hugh

    Great message


  14. Moodle21KingtonzMar

    nice music video


  15. dghjs

    bmore represent!


  16. bryant202

    this woman went in!!! cant stop watching! you did def did your thing ma! #respect


  17. Songstress



  18. hgcssaa

    we’re can I find the lyrics to this song o:


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