Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘No Church in the Wild’ Video Set to Premiere Tomorrow

No Church in the Wild

Jay-Z and Kanye West are ready to unleash another visual off their acclaimed album Watch the Throne. The video for “No Church in the Wild” is set to debut on Tuesday, according to director Romain Gavras.

“My new video for jay z and kanye is out tomorow. ‪#nochurchinthewild‬,” tweeted Gavras, who directed M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” and “Born Free” videos.

The apocalyptic piece was filmed in the streets of Prague last month. It is the third video to be released from the hip-hop duo’s Grammy-winning album Watch the Throne following “Otis” and “Ni**as in Paris.”

Clips from the video have been played during the European leg of the “Watch the Throne” tour.

Romain Gavras

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  1. Zack

    Oh, he did “Bad Girl”, the most overrated video I’ve ever seen? Oh.


    Abdullah Reply:

    @Zack, That vid was amazing n i think this will be better, cuz i dont think kanye would make something bad, ever!


    Creative Minds Reply:

    @Zack, That video was definately not overrrated that video was dope and praised for a reason. Still the best of 2012 by a mile.


    chyna Reply:

    @Zack, that video was so not overrated


  2. Zack



  3. KayeV

    yeeeeeees !


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  5. Marcus Blaze

    Can’t fucking wait


  6. me



  7. coolio

    Only watching this if Frank Ocean is in it.


  8. chukie

    I’ll tell you what I’m excited about the video but after watching their last video “niggas in paris” and seeing all those strange illuminati-ish type of signs I have gotten more careful with these two!!I’m not saying they are devil worshippers but they’re not doing a good job at proving they aren’t and let’s just say I’m no saint but at least I’m trying to watch what I hear!


    IllerBrown Reply:

    @chukie, If you still belive in illuminati you need to grow up cause God is not real.. Open your eyes to whats going on in the world, why is this “god” guy not helping those who need him? Just all the hating, every time someone makes money, people say it must be illuminati.. Well focus on you and stop watching what they are doing. Your probably the type who say illuminati this and that but like “YMCMB” and why is nicki minaj aloud on kids tv? Her name alone shouldnt be aloud on tv before 9 and her videos (SMH) she’s always 1/2 naked.. What’s up with that.. People are looking are the real problems

    If you want, I’ve got videos that expose how god if not real


  9. Hugh



  10. Winston Churchill

    Drake>>>> The Throne


    WOWzer Reply:

    @Winston Churchill,
    The throne – 1 Grammy
    drake – no Grammy


    Wooly Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, only in Canada.ha!


    TRA Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, Kanye West by himself has won 18 Grammy Awards before teaming up with Jay-Z to form the group “The Throne”. Jay-Z by himself has won 14 Grammy Awards before teaming up with Kanye West to do an album. Let’s wait and see if Drake is going to be around for another 10 years and make classic albums before we truly say that Drake is better than both Kanye West and Jay-Z.


  11. Mau

    THAT **** CRAY


  12. ManCH

    This should be good!! I really like Kanye West’s music videos and MIA’s “Bad Girls” music video was so cool.


  13. TheDreamer

    This should be great. Kanye’s videos are always amazing.


  14. shhh Navry24 lop Candaxc

    BET EVERYBODY’S CAN’T WAIT to see the video


    IllerBrown Reply:

    @shhh Navry24 lop Candaxc, Am jumping on my bed like am 6 years old lool


  15. shhh Navry24 lop Candaxc

    i Think the video is gonna remind me of Who Run this Town” that jay-z video ft Riri & Kw


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    Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘No Church in the Wild’ Video Set to Premiere Tomorrow | HipHopCube…

  17. MinajRules2012

    jay z need to retire already n raise her daughter…he don know wen to stop


  18. RingMan

    Yeah, it was filmed in Prague but with no Kanye or Jay… or even Frank


  19. Jessie

    i doubt if they will be in actual video..youtube poloh co – church is wild..nice remake to this song


  20. scotty2fly

    i like this video—plain and simple—http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IRnCZQPYDY


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