Album Cover: Nas – ‘Life Is Good’

Life Is Good

Nas holds on to a piece of his past on the cover of his new album Life Is Good. The hip-hop veteran is pictured with his ex-wife Kelis’ green wedding dress on his lap on the shocking cover. Kelis left behind the custom-made gown by Matthew Williamson following their divorce in 2010.

Due July 17, Nas’ 10th album features the singles “Nasty,” “The Don,” and “Daughters,” with production from Salaam Remi, Hit-Boy, Swizz Beatz, Da Internz, and more.

What do you think of Nas’ cover artwork? Sound off below.

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  1. @HOODKENaughty



  2. @jassss_olivia

    Definanetly makes a statement . Kinda confusing though…


    ronie Reply:

    @@jassss_olivia, true. It’s like I get it, but than I again I rethink it.


  3. Mau

    This is the first time I’m excited about a Nas album in a long time…

    Nasty, The Don and Daughters were all good…


    SamsonHero Reply:

    @Mau, Co-SIGN! I’m sooooooo excited after seeing that promo. Definitely buying that album.


  4. @SelectahSnipa

    Creative. #FTW


  5. Redchainsaw

    Dope cover…..Is he making a statement that he’s moving on or he wants to reconcile ?


  6. Lauryn

    LOVE IT!!!!


  7. Kellz

    A pic worth a thousands words, she lost 1!!


  8. Trillafood.

    Nas needs to give it up already. Kelis don’t want him anymore. It’s time to move on. How pathetic he is.


    Mikey Reply:

    @Trillafood., How do you know that’s the message in the photo? Don’t make assumptions.


    K.O. Reply:

    @Trillafood., That’s a dumb ass comment son, word up. I bet your mom and dad are split up too. You don’t just let go of someone you marry and have a kid with. That’s probably too deep for you to comprehend.


  9. joey

    fucking epic cover, makes such a statement


  10. Hip-Hop Fiend

    Thats dope! Thats something Kanye would do


  11. El Bashir

    i swear Gnozir did find that youth fountain fa real…i mean he looks just as good n younger all time

    im def coppin that album…


  12. Nikki

    Love it.


  13. TRA

    Nas will always be a great music artist, I am looking forward to Life Is Good.


  14. Mentamir

    Visually, it did not do much for me. It has an interesting story behind it, though. Hopefully the actual music on the album will give me a better understanding of the album cover, which seems kind of contradictng to the album’s title.


  15. VROOM

    The cover and concept is dope but I dont think some people will get it unless someone explains it to them. Not too many people are familiar with the wedding dress Kelis wore to the point where they’d go “THERE’S KELIS’ WEDDING DRESS!” I initially thought it was his daughters tutu or something, given the new track “Daughters.”


    b.o.b.a Reply:

    @VROOM, word!


  16. TheDreamer

    Great concept. Can’t wait for the album, Nas always delivers what he promises.


  17. fransisco

    dope people know dope things when they see it



    Love it. Nas is an incredible artist that’s always slept on


  19. @LowKei_

    WAIT. Kelis’ wedding dress?!?! Goodbye.


  20. RED

    looking forward to this but i have that feeling that def jam are gonna push it back by 7-14 days as usual


  21. Felipe

    Nas is legend for me, I mean..


  22. itsmister2you

    It’s kind of confusing.

    I remember Kelis saying in an interview she would never say anything negative about Nas. I remember Nas saying he hates that he failed at their relationship (his words, not mine).

    That being said, it would seem he wants to reconcile or he misses her? I don’t see him saying anything bad about her. He always takes the high road.


  23. Just-in Thought

    i think its a creative way of saying he is good, life is good without her. when i seen it i instantly thought, oh shit is that Kelis dress? LOL….kudos nas. I like how u did that.


  24. @Nas Explains The Meaning Behind “Life Is Good” Cover Art | URBAN DIGITAL

    [...] Hip-hop heads rejoice. Nas is taking it back to his roots with his 10th album Life Is Good, due July 17. In the second part of exclusive interview, the hip-hop legend opened up about making “timeless” music and collaborating with No I.D. and Salaam Remi, who handled the bulk of production. Get some insight into the album’s direction (’90s meets 2015), the two featured guests he has in mind, and the inspiration behind the shocking cover art. [...]

  25. mrs 714

    Thats ashame i felt they was the best hiphop couple i guess its hard being married in that industry


  26. mrs 714

    I felt they were great togather in looks and talent..


  27. Phaze

    n ’94 life is a bitch …n then u die

    think about it… till death do us part..
    and then u think what’s this picture missing..

    the bitch.. hense

    life is good

    shout out to the lovely kelis..


  28. anthony

    This cover is art in a pure form, many emotions summed up in 4 colours, 3 words, 2 perspectives, 1 pose.


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