New Music Premiere: Teairra Mari – ‘Lil Mama’

Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari does it big time on “Lil Mama,” the first single off her mixtape Unfinished Business, dropping July 4. The R&B vixen meets her match on the seductive Rico Love production.

“She ain’t messing with no zeros/ He only want it with them dimes/ She ain’t looking for no hero/ Her daddy do it big time,” she coos.

The Detroit chanteuse is working with Love on her Division1 debut Sex on the Radio. “It’s reminiscent of a new jack swing, like ’90s R&B, bedroom music but with a bounce,” said Teairra of the upcoming project. has your first listen.

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  1. D.Strock

    I actually really like this. Her voice sounds great on it, and I think it’s a great sound for her


    INCAS Reply:

    @D.Strock, hmmm….I’ll wait for something better


  2. jeremydante

    “her body’s like damn & he’s the fuckn man” this beat goes so hard!! love it.


  3. Um.Well.Sure

    I ride for Teairra, but all these mixtapes?! Also, her music is starting to all sound the same…


    xSTEV3N Reply:

    @Um.Well.Sure, I agree man


    RP Reply:

    @Um.Well.Sure, seriously! WTF. I know mixtapes are only getting more and more popular, but enough already! It’s annoying that 50 million artists (especially rap artists) are wasting their energy pooping out free music. You get what you pay for – it’s free for a reason. You know a hit when you hear it and there is HARDLY a hit found on a mixtape, I’m sorry. I’m a fan – I enjoyed the EP. That was solid. But, dude, it’s becoming a joke. I thought we were finally on track with the album. Ridiculous.


    batman Reply:

    @RP, The reason is Record labels aren’t releasing any artist music thats behind the spotlight now. So dropping mixtapes is getting their name out there now. Like JoJo she’s a talented artist right now, but Blackground Records isn’t putting out her album Jumping Trains. Which her fans been waiting for since 2007.


    Terrance Prescott Barnes Reply:

    @Um.Well.Sure, Everybody’s music sound the same… LOL


    Ice Reply:

    @Um.Well.Sure, Agreed.


  4. GHF



  5. SouthernBoss

    Love the beat…I’m skeptical about the mixtape though…


  6. Triniti

    This goes.


  7. Javis

    Mi wifee fina go off again!!


  8. HHAD



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  10. Teyana



  11. Chris

    I don’t like it…sound very hood and ghetto, not in a good way though. Wish her best of luck though, she is talented. I just dont like this song in particular


  12. boom boom

    yas! she’s coming after Cici lol


    yuppitsme Reply:

    @boom boom, lol not even


  13. Lord

    Would have been a good song for Ashanti


  14. Truth Be Told

    Rico Love needs to pen this chick a hit You Did That hasnt even charted yet. Releasing another mixtape isnt going to do anything for her buzz she just needs to release a hit song so people can finally recognize her.


  15. HeavyHeavy

    Rico is very hit and miss..mostly miss!!. I find his music skills very boring and basic. She needs danja and hit-boy and some new producers and WRITERS. Am soooooo tired of this overly sexed image and sex songs Teairra you can do better. Starting to sound and come across a bit hoeish if thats all thats going on in her life. Unfortunatly I don’t see success for her, 90′s rnb aint gonna shift units or get her on the hot 100.
    I still bump her first album doe..PHONEBOOTH!!!


    Kahari Reply:

    @HeavyHeavy: I kinda agree! Teairra Mari is talented but with Rico’s repetitiveness usage of his signature Hip-Hop and R&B sound, it can wear thin very fast. People are still mad about his involvement with Monica’s new album, which clearly went dead on arrival. Teairra needs to stop the hood anthems and grow as an artist. All her mixtapes are solid, but her appeal is just way too sexy. I wish her the best, though.


  16. I kung fu master

    Pretty good for today


  17. ed



  18. Mentamir

    The track is nice. Her voice is very powerful, so I would like for her to sometimes tone it down a bit for variation. I also wish she’d choose some more intelligent lyrical content. All of her songs have nice melodies and strong vocals, but in the lyrical department it just lacks class for me. But overall way better than I expected from Teairra.


  19. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    Teairra’s at it again!!!


  20. Billionaire

    It’s typical Teairra, difference is she’s on a bad ass beat! #NotImpress


  21. Fxckshtup



  22. MusiqLover

    In love with this. Keep your grind on! Will always support you T!


  23. jonnyjon



  24. Nasiah

    idk, but Teairra Mari is definitely destiny’s child.


  25. Aaron

    love it!


  26. TheDreamer

    It’s alright, but she can do better.


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  28. tashay

    give us the damn album already, its been 7 years lol


  29. RyanS

    whats with all these mixtapes! her music is starting to sound far to similar, give us something new and better ;\ starting to lose interest like fo’real


  30. TRP

    Teairra realizes that hood R&B ain’t gonna pop no more right? I’m glad she sticks to the artist she wants to be and hasn’t changed, but I just hope she realizes that it ain’t gonna happen with records like this that show no mainstream appeal or radio strength.


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  32. credits

    the beat is hot!


  33. Blake

    I don’t feel she needs to sellout to get a hit,if this is what she is comfortable doing then she should stick to it.Although adding a few minor changes in her music as far as her sound goes won’t hurt just nothing drastic.She can do that without completely abandoning her sound which she feels works for her


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