New Music: Timbaland f/ Ne-Yo – ‘Hands in the Air’

Hands in the Air

Timbaland and Ne-Yo provide the soundtrack to your next party on their wild collaboration “Hands in the Air.” The super-producer gets turn’t all the way up, standing on chairs and keeping the speakers thumping all night long, while the R&B gent provides the slick hook. The club banger will appear on the Step Up Revolution soundtrack, due July 17.

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  1. J. Peezy

    Nice use of the melody from “Carmen”.


  2. Sharp Tongue

    Not another one of these dances movie #Next.


  3. Chet

    Just when I thought Timmy turned it around with “Break Ya Back” SMH.


  4. HeavyHeavy

    Terrible..I miss the Timbaland in the Aaliyah Missy days. Sad times :(


  5. wy34g

    making the same song from 2007 over and over again smh


    JussSaying Reply:

    @wy34g, I kinda have to agree with you.

    This sounds like that song he had “Morning After Dark” that didnt do really well.


    Biren Reply:

    @JussSaying, This sounds nothing like Morning After Dark…and its supposed to be a dance song…an awesome one at that!


  6. DJInVincible74

    What a smoking club-banger! I hope this is a single.


  7. KimIsTheQueen

    Haylllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle nawl!


  8. hhhhhhaa please!

    -_- fuck you timbaland, you lost it i can’t cosign this and you know what for being involved in this Ne-Yo fuck you too!


    realforsure Reply:

    @hhhhhhaa please!, feel you so far but timbo fallow another way now put up with !


  9. Hugh

    Dope song!

    Timbo is back


  10. Jasper

    Any real dancer would freestyle to this & kill the dance floor #HANDSInTheAir


  11. TheDreamer

    I don’t like it.


  12. Skull

    The timbo i want :)


  13. stormedpsychic

    fake timbo!!!


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